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Why people love it...

"My daughter had been in psychotherapy for two years dealing with an intensely traumatic experience. She was not making much progress until she started working with Sarah. After two sessions with Sarah, my daughter had a breakthrough in psychotherapy and was quickly able to move past the trauma and wrap up therapy." S. M.

"Frustrated with waiting to get information from doctors on my cancer prognosis and treatment, I connected with Sarah. Through her innate and intellectual understanding of the energetic body, she has helped me find hope, healing, and courage to navigate life’s next steps." Cindia S.

"I highly recommend Sarah’s energy healing to meet all of your physical, emotional or spiritual needs. In just 3 sessions, I have experienced a major shift in my anxiety, self worth, confidence and expression." Erin O. 

"I was introduced to this healing modality over 3 years ago when my son was going to have a medical procedure. My family and I experienced immediate, noticeable, and positive changes from her first energy healing session. She is experienced, gifted and her gentle approach allows for deep healing of core issues. I am so grateful for the healing I received from Sarah."  -Melissa Delgado, MD

"Honestly, I don't know if I can ever truly thank Sarah for where I am at this point. I am stronger than I have been in a really long time. I feel like I have power back that has been gone for almost two decades. I am so grateful. She has honestly changed my life." K. A.

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More client love...

“For more than a year chronic pain in my shoulder joint held me back from exercise and even basic chores. In one session, Sarah identified the pain and healed it - the next day it felt 80% better, and within a week it felt nearly 100%. I'm so thrilled with the quick progress. Thank you!"  Tim P. 

"Sarah compassionately and quickly hones in on the aspect of my troubles that is blocking me from feeling well. Her insight into why I am experiencing anxiety and depression is amazing; I didn’t even know what was troubling me but she helped me see it. In seeing it, I instantly feel better. She’s a godsend to me. I don’t know what I would do without her." Matt M.

“I have been struggling with my weight most of my grown up life. Having type 2 diabetes has made weight loss even more important. The dieting I did had led me only to gain unwanted pounds. After 4 energy sessions with Sarah, my cravings stopped and with in about 2 months I had lost 25 lbs! Miracles do happen to regular people using energy work!"  Deborah B. 

I didn’t know how much fear I had been carrying until it was released. I have to admit, even as an energy worker and believer in this stuff, I was skeptical. But the change has been remarkable! We went on a family vacation recently, and while I still am not one to let my kids completely free range, I was able to trust & let them have some space. This is a new experience for me!”  -H.S.

I signed up for Sarah's Elevate series to access some of her recorded energy sessions anytime I needed them.  I have used these sessions in times of stress to calm my system down.  It has helped me so much. My daughter has started listening to the sleep sessions and she is asleep before the session finishes. She wakes up in a great mood (which is an amazing improvement). I highly recommend Sarah for anyone struggling." M.C.

I'm ready to feel better...

“I’m not the same person I was when I started my program. I had two glasses of wine each night for over 20 years. I’ve stopped that and lost 13 pounds. I’m stepping into the greatness of who I am."  -J. W. 

 “When I got home after my first session, my husband and daughter looked at me and said oh my gosh, you look so different, like a weight has been lifted!”  Jackie G.

My two kids suffered from PANDAS and were unable to go to school for three years of being sick. They struggled mentally and physically and were treated by doctors but still were not making progress. Now they are in school, thriving and receiving mostly As and a few Bs in school. They are doing amazingly well and without any medications. I couldn’t leave the house due to their anxiety and now they are back at school. Their progress has been so amazing!" Tisha M.

IBS & Food Sensitivity Case Study...

I have been struggling with health issues for 25 years. It started with mercury poisoning, next came Lyme disease, then lead toxicity, and CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome). With each of those major diagnoses came countless other complications, infections, and imbalances such as hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, systemic infections in the digestive system, food sensitivities, and  severe IBS-like symptoms. I quickly discovered that conventional medicine often only recognized and treated the surface issue but failed to uncover the deeper issue which was the root cause. I was lucky to find many skilled doctors who practiced holistic/alternative/functional medicine and they helped me tremendously. For example, at one point my health had deteriorated so much that I could no longer work full-time and my traditional doctors had no explanation or treatment plan for me.  At that point I found a holistic/functional medicine doctor who was able to diagnose and treat my mercury poisoning and restore my health to the point that I could work and live more normally. Unfortunately, I had more health challenges to overcome and even under the care of very good functional medicine doctors, I had symptoms that would not clear up.

About 2 years ago I was again having chronic issues (severe IBS like symptoms, low energy, poor sleep) and through comprehensive lab work my very good functional medicine doctor found multiple infections and imbalances, but also diagnosed me with CIRS brought on by mold exposure and Lyme. One of the tests included a food sensitivity test which told me which foods were “safe” and which should be limited or avoided altogether. The protocol required me to eliminate all but the “safe” foods for 30 days and then slowly add new foods back into my diet. The 30 day elimination diet turned into 15 months for me because even many of the safe foods were causing a reaction (hives or digestive upset); anytime I tried to add a new food back into my diet, I would get an adverse reaction. I eventually got to the point where I was down to less than 10 food items I could eat. All the other infections and imbalances that my doctor had found were treated and cleared. According to my lab work, I should be perfectly fine and even my functional medicine doctor didn’t have any other treatment plans for me and I was becoming desperate and discouraged. I was tired of being sick all the time and living with such extremely rigid eating constraints.

At that point, I felt very strongly that I had exhausted the medical field and that while alternative doctors had gotten me as healthy as possible, I needed something else that they couldn’t offer me. I felt like I needed a hard reboot, or some kind of system reset at a very deep level; I needed someone who could flip whatever circuit breakers in my body that needed to be flipped so that I could start over and my body could work properly again.  That is when I found Sarah and my life changed!

When I first met with Sarah, I was eating less that 10 different foods, I was sleeping poorly, and I was consistently having severe IBS-like symptoms. My life revolved around what I could and couldn’t eat and how quickly I could get to a bathroom. It wasn’t much of a life and it was having extreme impacts on my work, social, and family life. My life changed dramatically for the better once I started working with Sarah. After my second session with Sarah, I was adding new foods into my diet without any reactions! My sessions were scheduled one week apart, so after 8 days Sarah was able to accomplish more than my other treatments had in 15 months. The first new food I tried were blueberries; after 15 months of nothing but oatmeal, rice, and bananas, the blueberries were a tangy-sweet burst of joy that made me cry! After 10 weeks, I was eating virtually anything I wanted. I’m cautious with dairy and gluten, but I recently enjoyed a meal from a Thai restaurant and I’ve been eating at the homes of friends and family without any adverse reactions and without panicking over ingredients. My life has taken a complete 180 change in direction and I owe these changes to Sarah and her care.

The changes I have experienced in a short amount of time have been dramatic and life-changing! I will forever be grateful that I found Sarah when I did and for her care and support during my recovery and through my journey into renewed health and vitality." Kendra Y.

Tick Borne Illness Case Study...

“The very first action we took in Athena's healing journey was to use energy healing recordings from Sarah Lascano. Athena was extremely ill and the prognosis was not good at all. We were hearing terms like "timelines" and "making tough decisions" from vets. While we waited for an appointment with a specialist vet, I met Sarah at an herb club meeting. I had every intention of asking her some reasonable questions about human health but when I walked up to her after the meeting the first thing that popped out of my mouth was, "Do you ever work with animals?" I don't know what part of me took over and asked that question but I will be eternally grateful that it did. The positive changes in Athena in the first 48 hours after listening to the recordings twice were dramatic. Later I added dietary changes, herbs, and the guidance of a great vet in Stephen's City. We never ended up needing to do the expensive blood panels to discover the precise strain of tick-borne disease organism or immune system dysfunction because none of her symptoms returned. Athena's vet had wanted to clear all of the medications from her system and allow the symptoms to emerge again so the source would show up in the blood work. So far, no symptoms have reemerged after 9 long months of illness and lots of medications. which were only making her sicker and sicker.

I've wanted to share about Sarah and energy work for months but, to be honest, I don't even truly understand it so I didn't know how to talk about it. What I do know is that it made a tremendous difference to our Athena and I have used some of Sarah's resources for myself to good effect.

Deep bow of gratitude to you and your work, Sarah!" Leenie H.


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