Are You Ready to Empower Your Life & Health?


RayZen Lightwork Technique

» Powerful heart-centered energy & spiritual healing to heal the root cause of illness

» Listen to the body's wisdom for unparalleled clarity and precision

» Tap into universal energy for deep wisdompowerful support


Gain crystal clarity to heal and move forward in any area of life.

Learn how to uncover the root cause of your symptoms.

Make immediate noticeable changes in your body.

Imagine what life is like when you know how to move forward in ANY situation life throws at you. 

No prior energy therapy experience is required. If you are new to energy healing or an experienced practitioner, RayZen Lightwork develops or enhances your ability to bring deep, lasting healing to the mind, body and spirit.

Three Classes to Achieve Your Goals

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Level I: Boost Your Intuition

This one day class includes:

▪ Learn about Intuition Blocks & How to Overcome Them

▪ Discover your Intuitive Senses and Gain Crystal Clarity

▪ Connect with your Spiritual Helpers & Have Your Own Personal Healing Team

▪ Quickly quiet the mind to boost your intuition with our highly desired RZ Quantum Studio Technique

▪ Open and Align the body’s communication system with the RZ 3 Center Alignment Practice

▪ Leverage the strongest energy field in the body to access exponentially amplified healing with the RZ Heart Flow Activation Practice

▪ Anchor spiritual healing so it can reach it’s destination with the RZ Grounding Practice

▪ Special RZ Lightwork Attunement opens the ability to anchor higher frequencies (even if you are brand new to energy work)

LIVE Via Zoom

No prior experience required.










Level II: Self-Heal Complete

This six week energy medicine training program includes:

▪ Learn the body's energy anatomy and how to balance the meridians and chakras

▪ Discover the belief systems holding the body back

▪ Identify connections to the past and open up spiritual blockages

▪ Have the precision to direct energy and deeper focus

▪ Basic Anatomy & Physiology for Beginners

▪ Learn the four questions you must ask before you move energy and direct it to the right places

▪ RZ Compass & Grid to direct your energy healing sessions

▪ RZ Light Toolbox to move energy with ease and precision

▪ What to do when self doubt and fear try to block progress

▪ BONUS Exclusive On-Demand Session: ‘I Have the Power to Heal Myself’  

LIVE Via Zoom

 Prerequisite: Level I










Level III: Professional Training & Mentorship

This four month program to start or up-level your Energy Medicine practice includes:

▪ Build an international business by learning to deliver remote healing no matter where your client is in the world

▪ How to understand and work with mind body relationships

▪ Connect with Spiritual Helpers to boost your healing work

▪ Practitioner Level understanding of anatomy & physiology for precision healing

▪ Past Life, Ancestral & Cultural imprints and how to heal them for amplified results

▪ Learn energetic boundaries so you and your client are protected

▪ Uncover past trauma creating unhealthy boundaries and energy patterns

▪ Remove toxic environmental influences that cause dysfunction in the body and mind

▪ RZ Practitioner Light Toolbox

▪ Intuitive Business 101 including Intuitive Pricing, boundaries, and creating healthy client interactions

▪ Be recognized as a global RZ Practitioner and gain exposure for your business

▪ BONUS: 60 minute Private Healing Session with your trainer, Sarah (value $325)

  Weekly module delivery – training and practical sessions

Live Via Zoom

  Prerequisite: Level II