You have been searching for answers to your health problems, but nothing you've tried has worked... or you've been told it's "all in your head."



If you've been struggling with a big health diagnosis...

Or symptoms that don't go away...

Or you've been told there is nothing else that can be done to help you...

RayZen Energy's individual energy medicine sessions are the answer you've been searching for. You are an integrated system: mind, body, & spirit.

To achieve lasting results and finally heal your symptoms, you need an expert who can listen to your body and use expert, precision healing to meet your unique body's needs. If treating symptoms is no longer working, it's time to look to energy medicine to reclaim your health.

Why people love it...

“I used to take over 14 different prescription medications per day for 10 years, some for 20: anti-anxiety, sleep aids, antidepressants, fibromyalgia medication, pain pills. I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs or walk around the block I was in so much pain. I never thought I would be free of meds. Now I am off them all and I can’t believe it! It is miraculous!”  -TM

"I had been seeing a homeopathic doctor for four years and had some results, but I still wasn’t anywhere close to where I wanted to be. I can honestly say that I am such a better, healthier, and happier person after working with Sarah!"  -RB

“My daughter had been in psychotherapy for two years dealing with an intensely traumatic experience. She was not making much progress until she started working with Sarah. After two sessions with Sarah, my daughter had a breakthrough in psychotherapy and was quickly able to move past the trauma and wrap up therapy.”  -SM

Heal from Within: Discover the Power of Energy Clearing Sessions

Energy medicine works with your body's energy field to repair your body's natural ability to heal. You're probably already familiar with Reiki and Acupuncture, which are other forms of healing that use the body's energy.

My own method of intuitive energy healing allows me to tune into your body's unqiue needs. Sessions can be in-person or virtual. I use my intuitive skills to assess where your body is blocked. I then remove blocks that are keeping your body's healing ability stuck with my precision energy therapy. This means that once the blocks are removed, your body can begin to truly heal and reclaim your health.

What Happens In an Energy Medicine Session?

If you're a new client, we'll spend some time discussing your goals and personal history. Then I'll tune into your body and listen, focusing my energy on areas that have become disconnected or where disruptive energy is stored. I will clear that energy, leaving your body feeling lighter and functioning in better balance.

Some of the healing that may occur during an energy medicine session include:

• Decrease pain

• Remove stresses stored in the body including past trauma, accidents or injuries, family patterns, epigenetic locks and sabotaging beliefs

• Improve physical processes in the body, including organ and gland function, immune system function, metabolic energy, microbiome balance, cellular communication and more. 

Real Results...

“For more than a year chronic pain in my shoulder joint held me back from exercise and even basic chores. In one session, Sarah identified the pain and healed it - the next day it felt 80% better, and within a week it felt nearly 100%. I'm so thrilled with the quick progress. Thank you!” 

                            -Tim P.

“My two kids suffered from PANDAS and were unable to go to school for three years of being sick. They struggled mentally and physically and were treated by doctors but still were not making progress. Now they are in school, thriving. They are doing amazingly well without any medications. I couldn’t leave the house due to their anxiety. Their progress has been so amazing! ”    -TM

"Working with Sarah has greatly improved our relationship with our 6 year old daughter, whom was adopted from foster care as a toddler, has attachment disorder and finds physical and emotional closeness challenging. She said out of the blue “I love my family” for the first time! "   -KH

Hi, I'm Sarah Lascano

It took a personal health crisis for me to delve into the world of energy medicine, which allowed me to heal from a number of painful, frustrating symptoms.

And I want you to experience the same powerful transformation.

My clients have dealt with chronic pain, cancer, IBD, PANDAS, chronic strep infections, chronic pain, debilitating anxiety, multiple food sensitivities, heart-attack recovery, PTSD…I have helped with 'untreatable' symptoms like brain injury, infections not responding to treatment, and stage 4 cancer. Using my ability to intuitively read the body and focused energy medicine techniques, I ask my client’s innate wisdom what is blocking their body’s ability to heal so that I can remove those blocks to allow their body to get to work detoxing, healing, and restoring.

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