Healing is possible. By working with the whole system: body, mind, spirit. 

Take your health to the next level with sessions tailored to your body's needs


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Any of this sound familiar?  

  • You're tired of treating symptoms and want to heal once and for all.
  • You know solutions exist…but no matter what you try, you still feel stuck. 
  • You've been told there are no solutions to your health problems (or they are all in your head).

...your body is ready to move into the wellness you deserve.

It is!


I use my intuitive skills to 'read' the body and discover what it needs.

I remove the blocks keeping it's natural ability to heal stuck and watch the body soar into health.

Are you ready to live your best, fullest life? Let's get started.

Energy Medicine  Sessions

  • Phone or In-person
  • Balance your entire system: body, mind and spirit
  • Restore your body’s innate ability to heal
  • Recover your health
  • New Client Session - 60 min: $375
  • Follow Up Session - 45 min: $275




Energy Medicine Healing Packages

  • Energy Medicine sessions, in person or via phone
  • Energy Medicine To Go Sessions to keep you moving forward
  • Energetic, email and text support to answer questions as they arise 
  • Be fully supported, on all levels, to embrace deep change
  • Five week ($1,200) & Ten week ($1,700) programs
  • Payment plans available    
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During sessions, we discuss your goals and personal history. I tune into the body’s innate wisdom, the part of you that knows how to heal. Your body knows what needs to be released: our bodies are intelligent!

I remove blocks/stresses and heal the body and mind.

Move into a new state of health you may have heard is impossible.

Sessions address physical health, nutrition, personal awareness, mindset, and breaking free of the past to manifest the change you desire.

I used to take over 14 different prescription medications per day for 10 years, some for 20: anti-anxiety, sleep aids, antidepressants, fibromyalgia medication, pain pills. I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs or walk around the block I was in so much pain. I never thought I would be free of meds. Now I am off them all and I can’t believe it! -TM

Since working with Sarah, I have noticed lasting improvement in my health and vitality. I have incorporated energy healing into my self - care routine, and I think is a phenomenal way to continue the healing journey and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My patients love her and highly recommend working with Sarah.  -Melissa Delgado, MD


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