Hi, I'm Sarah Lascano.

Lovely to meet you.

Are you ready for a revolutionary approach to healing?

Whether you're tired of dealing with chronic symptoms that just won't go away...

Or struggling to find a solution to chronic symptoms...

I am glad you've found me - because I've been in your shoes.

Years ago, I found myself struggling to make it through the day. I was battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Dysfunction, Gut Dysbiosis, and multiple food sensitivities (more than 80 percent of what I ate!).

I visited several doctors and ended up frustrated when I heard there was no way to heal my chronic health issues. That wasn’t something I was willing to accept. I realized I would have to take ownership of my health if I wanted my life back.

Everything changed when I discovered energy medicine.


Energy medicine takes your entire being into account: your mind, your body, and your soul. This powerful practice helped me heal from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Dysfunction, Gut Dysbiosis, and multiple food sensitivities.

I had an early interest in health that blossomed when I worked at my father's surgical practice. That led to working at a community hospital and becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. I also hold B.S. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering.

But it wasn’t until my personal health crisis that I found my calling as a holistic health practitioner.

And now, as an energy medicine practitioner and mind-body expert, I am dedicated to working with patients who are not responding to treatment (or who don't have time to wait). I often work closely with doctors to boost patients' tolerance to their therapies and help therapies work better and faster.

Read more about my journey in my bestselling book, The Art and Truth of Transformation for Women.

Living a transformational life means you are constantly evolving, an ongoing and ever-changing process of cocooning, resisting, birthing, shedding, and emerging to new ways of thinking, feeling, showing up, and "being."

The most powerful transformation I experienced in my health was from energy healing.

It brings me joy to share my knowledge and skills with others to help speed their own path of healing. I know the frustration when one is told there are no answers. It is my passion to help you realize there indeed are answers, even to symptoms and illnesses deemed untreatable.

By taking into account your entire system - body, mind and spirit -  we can heal what seems untreatable. My clients notice physical improvements in as little as 1 to 3 sessions.

Come experience healing power like no other: customized just for you, by listening to your body's unique needs, in each and every energy medicine session.

Curious about my training?

Continuous education is one of my core values; I regulary attend and teach courses to enrich my energy medicine offerings to my clients by introducing new tools and deepening existing ones. I take pride in providing exceptional service that gets results by creating comprehensive, client-centered courses, programs, and sessions.


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