Hi, I'm Sarah Lascano.

Lovely to meet you.

My own health challenges led me to found RayZen Energy, where I am the creator of the RayZen Lightwork Technique and a master biofield therapy practitioner. I'm an internationally recognized best-selling author, speaker and energy medicine pracitioner.

I’d love to introduce you to my precision energy healing that gets results fast, without having to relive your past. I use my own unique heart-centered method of healing that lets the body show the way and gently release blocks keeping it stuck.

Since I opened my practice eight years ago, I have provided over 4,000 personalized healing sessions to clients all over the world using the RayZen Lightwork Technique and my organic collection of skills, knowledge, and firsthand experiences.

I battled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was diagnosed with adrenal dysfunction, gut dysbiosis, and multiple food sensitivities. I was sensitive to more than 80% of the foods I was eating.

I visited several doctors and was told there was no way to treat my symptoms. Frustrated with the lack of answers, I decided to take ownership of my health.

I started learning about the mind-body connection and the body’s energy system. I experimented with supplements and food as medicine, as well as naturopathy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and holistic healing.

You can learn more about my personal journey in the bestselling book “The Art and Truth of Transformation for Women,” available for purchase. Contact me for information.

The most powerful transformation I experienced in my health was from energy healing.

I dedicated myself to learning more. It brings me joy to share my knowledge and skills with others to help speed their own path of healing. I know the frustration when one is told there are no answers. It is my passion to help you realize there indeed are answers, even to symptoms and illnesses deemed untreatable.

By taking into account your entire system - body, mind and spirit -  we can heal what seems untreatable. My clients notice physical improvements in as little as 1 to 3 sessions.

Come experience healing power like no other: customized just for you, by listening to your body's unique needs, in each and every expert energy medicine session.

Credentials and Training


I hold B.S. and M.S. degrees in Industrial engineering. My interest in health began early, from assisting at my family’s surgical practice to working in a community hospital and becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. After graduation, 15 years in the engineering industry, and one health crisis, I found my calling and moved into my holistic health practice full-time.


Continuous education is one of my core values; I regularly attend and teach classes to enrich my energy medicine offerings to my clients by introducing new tools and deepening existing ones. I take pride in providing exceptional service that gets results by creating comprehensive, client-centered courses and sessions. Clients describe their experience as deep and transformative yet gentle and soothing.

Personal Life

I live in western Virginia with my husband and three children. I enjoy spending time in nature, from meditating to biking and gardening. I cherish being connected to our land and the wildlife that surrounds us. You can usually find me chasing my children or gathering with family.


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The Stress Less Mini

The best way to understand is to try it yourself! Listen to this free 10 minute Stress Less energy healing meditation and feel better NOW.