Which fork in the road will you take?

Feb 23, 2022

When the going gets tough, when life happens and drags you down, what do you do? When you feel anxious, stressed, traumatized?

There are days when I feel overwhelmed and I just stop. I contract, I feel frustrated, I get the message loud and clear that something isn’t working (that’s what our anger does for us, by the way). But I just don’t know what to do about it…and so…I just feel hopeless and stuck

Other days, the same stuff happens but that same frustration triggers action: I notice the decision point and I decide which fork in the road I’m going to take. And then I take action

In the first situation above, I’m low on power. In the moment, I’m not feeling empowered, strong, resilient, able to make the changes I need to move forward. 

In the second, I’m empowered. I’m driven, determined, focused, unwilling to throw in the towel, looking for my next step.

Just the other day, I was feeling the first situation as I was driving home. Kid #3 was getting over being sick with a stomach bug, husband sliced his thumb and was in the ER (he is fine after a few stitches), I was juggling kids and playdates, two work calls, and PT conferences, it was an upside down day, to be fair. 

I was driving home and as I was feeling super frustrated, listing all the ways I was annoyed, a beautiful blue heron flew low, crossing right in front of my car and landed in the tree beside the road.

He was so close and flying so slow, his legs looked like he was carrying a stick! It took me a minute to identify him, even though I regularly see these beautiful birds where we live, for which I’m grateful.

And can you guess what the spiritual message of blue heron is (and hence the healing energy it gives us when we see it)? In a nutshell…self-determination, self-reliance, progress. The message couldn’t be louder without slapping me in the face, LOL...time to get determined and take action!

When you are in these moments of frustration and feeling powerless, how do you navigate the fork in the road, the next step? I’ve been there (including with my health) and I can definitely share the one best way: IN YOUR POWER.

This is where I come in. I serve people by reconnecting them to their POWER with energy healing. Their body’s power, their mind’s power, their soul’s power. Because you already have the power you need, you just need to get it unstuck, to be able to use it to create health and ease and abundance. We all have the ability to learn simple, easy to use tools that can transform our lives.

If you are ready to claim your power, come join me for a free workshop to learn some self-empowerment tools. Because knowledge is power: when we know the true possibilities, we feel empowered. đŸ”„

Your best life is waiting for you to take the fork in the road that claims your power. 

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