What would your body share with a medical intuitive?

Sep 21, 2022

I tuned into the person on the other end of the phone line. “The first thing I’m being drawn to is the throat.” This energy center felt like it was losing energy and not able to open/close smoothly.

I had never met this person, she was not a client, and had not shared any information with me about herself or her health. In fact, this was an ‘off the cuff’ session, not a new client session, so I didn’t have my usual history to work with.

I worked to repair the energy disruptions I was feeling. She then mentioned her thyroid function “had recently tanked” and that I had zero’d in on a current health issue.

There are several points to share that are highlighted in this quick 10 minute mini session.

  1. The power of listening to the body: By surrendering to the body, I can tune in and listen, picking up what needs to be brought to awareness and healed. In the example above, if I used my intellect, the result might’ve been very different. Instead, intuition directs my focus so a customized, client focused session comes through every single time.
  2. You are a system. The physical and energetic are intimately connected. We often feel our physical body is separate from our emotions and thoughts, but this just isn’t true. It is all wrapped up together in a beautiful, intricate system. When we shift energy, we help heal the physical organs and systems. On the flip side, when we have a physical symptom, we can work with the energetic imbalances to improve and heal our symptoms.
  3. Remote healing works. It can be mind-blowing to think that I can tune into your energy across the world or on the other side of the continent. Quantum physics proves this possibility through research. It’s because we are connected in a quantum system and the parts of a system are interrelated. I tune into your energy, creating a system. I can then heal disruptions from anywhere, independent of where the parts of the system are located.

Would you like an opportunity to receive a ten minute mini balance? I’m so excited to share my new monthly radio show is the perfect opportunity to do exactly this!

Every second Friday of the month, I’ll be going Live to answer your questions and do mini sessions. I’ll be sharing helpful content and possibly welcoming some guests to speak with me too!

You can learn more here.

One last thought to share…this may be a little mind-blowing, but did you know just listening to an energy balance for someone else can shift your own energy? It can heal disruptions in your own system, just by listening. Whoa!!

This is the other gift I’m excited to share through the monthly radio show. Just listening to balances on others’ throat energy centers can boost your own. Amazing.

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