What spiritual gift is your frustration sharing?

Jun 21, 2023

Last night I found myself fuming. Gosh, I was frustrated! I was on hold, waiting in line on the phone, to refill a prescription for a family member. At the 30-minute mark, I had just a few minutes left before I had to travel to my office for a client appointment. Obviously, I had miscalculated the time this task would take. As the minutes ticked by, I got nervous!  

Finally, the nurse’s voice interrupted the prerecorded hold messages. Great! But then, roadblock after roadblock appeared.

I wasn’t on her disclosure form so the nurse wouldn’t share certain things with me. The doctor hadn’t prescribed these meds before (because she recently changed practices), so she wasn’t sure the doc would refill without an appointment (we just had one a couple weeks ago). On and on… The stakes are high as she will be out of an important medication in just a few days. I honestly felt like I was ready to pull my hair out!

So what spritual learnings can I take from this moment, you may ask?! And what in my energy field is attracting difficulty?

Insight #1: These moments are a clue from the universe that something needs to change. In this case, I’ve been thinking I need to find a new solution to this problem but was waiting on someone else to gather information about options. Of course, I too lost track of this in the busy-ness of my own life.

Insight #2: I realized I’ve taken on all of this…taking care of her medications, without asking for help from others. I just wanted to be helpful, or ended up keeping the job after she visited, or whatever….but my frustration was partly because I set a poor boundary and took on too much. Frequently you may feel a lack of control when moments like this pop up. But often, if you take a moment to step back and look deeper, you’ll see an opportunity to make productive changes that will help you in the long run. My message in this situation: it’s time for me to delegate and include others.

Insight #3: I’m in control of my life. I’m in control of my actions and my response to each moment. I’m ready for less aggravation. I’m worthy of taking action. I immediately called a home health company and inquired about their medication services. It was cheaper than I realized, and may work perfectly for our situation. A more sustainable solution brought about by taking action.

Key Principle: Anger is intended to create change in the body. When you feel frustrated, don’t ignore it! Look into the situation and find the message. What needs to change?

Key Principle: Lack of control is insidious. If you had a controlling, domineering, or critical parent, or were just a person trying to keep the peace in your household, you may have this emotion hiding in your body. It paves the way for us to feel out of control in our lives. Just say no by taking action.

Seize control and start changing each stressful area of your life, one by one. Action will move you closer to your goals.

And if this feels stuck or stymied in your life, you likely have energy blocks in the way, preventing movement. Energy medicine is the perfect way to clear past trauma or belief systems keeping you stuck in stress. Once these energies are gone, it’ll be a smooth flow to take action and find solutions. If this is you, let’s chat.

Sarah Lascano is the founder of RayZen Energy, creator of the RayZen Lightwork Technique and Master Biofield Therapy Practitioner. Sarah is known for revolutionizing health care because she uses an integrative and innovative approach to healing, backed by science, that treats resistant chronic illness. Learn more about Sarah at rayzenenergy.com.

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