What does intuition feel like in an energy healing session?

Sep 14, 2022

I’m not gonna lie, being me is a wild and crazy ride! Probably not much different from how you feel at the end of a crazy day, right?

My intuitive skills are a huge part of my work, more on that in a sec.

There is a saying that 30% of the healing of any session is for the practitioner. I believe this number might be low…

When I’m feeling low on energy, irritated or overwhelmed, doing a session for you helps me get back into alignment, get grounded, and feel better.

When I was pregnant and struggling with low energy and morning sickness six years ago, doing sessions helped me make it through each day. Yeah, I know, it surprised even me!

As I was vomiting almost every morning, my husband would say ‘take a day off.’ And as appealing as it might’ve been to curl up and try to sleep the day away, I knew I would feel better after doing sessions.

When I heal you, I am not giving you my energy or taking on your stress. I am serving as a conduit for healing energy to move through me, using my knowledge, wisdom, and skill, to shift out blocks and disruptions. It doesn’t deplete me in any way. In fact, it gives me a boost.

In a session, you might wonder what it’s like to be me, to be the healer.

Don’t worry that I feel the energy within you. You may hear me say “I feel tightness in your chest” or “I can barely get a breath tuning into your energy” or “your stomach feels like it has butterflies” or “I feel anxiety and stress.” I’m just using my intuitive sense of feeling to notice what needs healing in your body. Your body is sharing information with me, I’m not taking it on.

Don’t feel weird when I see something. I may see a laceration in your heart energy or bruises in your stomach or swirling chaos in your brain or a web of connections to trauma. This is just your body’s way of showing me what it’s ready to let go of, what needs to be healed right now. As I use my intuitive sense of knowing, I’m using Light and my skills to heal your body and mind, leaving you lighter and more whole.

Don’t freak out when I say I hear a loved one in Spirit. I frequently feel and hear messages. You have a whole group of souls helping you, that you may not feel or know about. I can help heal this for you, so you feel connected, supported, loved. You may feel alone but you are not. This connection is such a blessing to have reconnected and is a valuable part of my healing work. Your loved ones are coming to heal you, to shower you in love, and to help you reclaim your life and health. They want to see you succeed and be happy, joyful.

So just relax. Let your body speak to me, let it share what I can help it heal. And open to receive healing like no other. Healing that sets you free once and for all, that heals the root cause of your symptoms. You deserve to live your life feeling strong, loved, supported, vital.

Sometimes stepping into your power is scary. The first step is usually the hardest.

Be brave, be ready to move forward, be ready for freedom.

“If not now, when?”

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