What can heal in eight minutes?

May 04, 2022

As my next client sat down in front of me, I rested my hands lightly on their shoulders. I cleared my mind and tuned out the chatter of the room. It was Teacher Appreciation Day and three of us, myself included, were volunteering our time to support the wonderful teachers and staff at a local High School.

As I started my quick 5-8 minute energy healing session, I tuned into their energy and started receiving information.

I felt a tightness in the stomach. As I listened, I heard it was related to something from childhood. And as I listened more, I heard it connected to the heart and was ready to heal. I asked the body’s energy for an age range and heard a specific two years of childhood. 

When I do these sessions, I set the intention I don’t want to dive into big trauma. I want people to be served, to feel better when they leave than when they arrive. So given that, just how much energy can shift in less than ten minutes? More on that in a sec.

“Anything major happen in your life around this time?” I asked my client. “Yes” and the client proceeded to share a significant change in their lives at this age that truly changed everything.

The changes from this event had left sadness that the heart, stomach and body had been unable to digest without help but now were ready to let go of.

With my usual tools, I allowed the energy in the heart and stomach to move and heal. Then, something unexpected happened. Something special, that doesn’t usually happen.


Suddenly, in that moment, I felt a huge surge of healing coming from Spirit. What caught me off guard and surprised me, and I’m still digesting it myself, was the beautiful burst of gratitude that came from the healers on the other side, for allowing this healing to be able to come to this person. 

Yes, you read that right. The client got lots of healing and so did I. 😍

It’s hard to put into words what it feels like when you get a burst of gratitude from spirit. I’ve had it happen two or three times in big ways, in my 8-year career of doing this work. There is nothing that equates to the feeling in our day-to-day lives. Maybe the burst of joy at meeting your child for the first time after their birth (or having them out, LOL), but honestly, it probably doesn’t even compare.

Here’s the important point I wish to share with you: there is big energy cheering for you, waiting to help you, wanting you to be happy and healthy, to thrive in your life. 

“Yeah, but I don’t feel it,” you may say….I don’t always feel it either. Life happens, we get out of alignment (that’s a whole other blog post!). But I know with 100 percent certainty this is absolute truth. And moments like this are proof we are supported and loved.

When you have a healing session with me, I allow this energy to come and heal you. To bathe you in compassion and healing energy. To release all that is not serving you.

So just how much energy can move in 5-8 minutes? TONS! Honestly, every time I do events like this, I am always pleasantly surprised.

I balanced pituitary glands, metabolic hormones, belief systems that were blocking confidence, lungs, heart chambers, cardiovascular systems, feeling there isn’t enough time, and so much more. Whatever the body is ready to let go of, a session with me provides the skill and sacred space needed to allow it to heal.

And that is the absolute beauty (and power) of this work: each and every session is customized to the client - what they are ready to heal - to claim health, joy and peace.

And it truly is my humble honor to serve in each and every session, whether just 8 minutes or longer. 🙏

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