Treatment Resistant Chronic Illness Can Be Treated ­čś▓

Feb 15, 2023

We have been taught chronic illness is something we have to live with. Having annoying symptoms is almost normal. And hoping to manage these symptoms with pharmaceuticals is the only way to find relief.

If you happen to have something more serious, like chronic pain or chronic infections, once you exhaust the medical options, there is no other hope. Perhaps you’ve had doctors admit they have nothing else to offer or maybe you’ve even been offered an antidepressant because it might be ‘all in your head.’

I’m here to share another way. 

A powerful way to actually heal these debilitating, nagging, hopelessly complex health symptoms.

Chronic strep. Interstitial cystitis. Food sensitivities. Chronic pain. Chronic fatigue. Irritable bowel disease. Cancer support. And more.

You see, the root of your suffering lies not in what you can see, but what you cannot see. And this unseen force is, oddly enough, routinely checked by your doctor. Quantum physics has proven its existence. And the medical literature has proven the effectiveness of working with it. It’s high time you learned about it and put it to use for yourself. 

The body is an amazing machine that has evolved to be able to keep us safe and to be able to heal. Yes, our lifestyles do not always foster health. But this is not an article about lifestyle choices. There are plenty of those; I’m offering a different solution. 

A solution that works with a force hidden in plain sight. Your doctor checks this force each time you see him or her. They are reading and monitoring it, but they haven’t been taught the deeper significance and how to use it for healing. We can use this force to boost communication within the cells of the body and regain its innate ability to heal. 

If my body can heal, why am I not well?

Let’s look deeper. As I mentioned, the body knows innately how to heal. You need only look as far as a cut on your finger for an example of this. When you cut your skin, your body jumps into healing mode by sending immune cells, boosting circulation, fighting potential infection, and forming new skin. You don’t need to tell your body how to fix it; this innate ability to heal automatically gets to work. 

But over time, this innate healing ability can become weakened, corrupted, and maybe even derailed. This happens because of a variety of stresses: infections, injuries, trauma, accidents, depletion caused by too much stress, even energy-draining relationships and excess work stress can impact this force within our bodies. This link between mind-body and stress is proven in the medical literature.

In chronic illness, this innate healing ability has become burdened and disconnected, so that the body remains stuck in illness. But we can repair this. I have developed a way to work with this unseen part of you, this force that forms the foundation of your health. A way to heal the root cause of your symptoms so they can be gone for good, instead of just treating the symptoms themselves, to help you reclaim your health and feel good again.

I’ve been there myself. I’ve climbed out of chronic illness, I’ve reclaimed my health, and it’s possible for you too.

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