Tips To Help You Spring Forward 🌼

Mar 16, 2022

As warmer days arrive, the universe is calling us to expand. Spring forward. Step into newness.

Are you ready?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about big changes in your life but haven’t seemed to find the space to make them happen. They’ve been ‘planted’ over the winter in your mind. Well, now is the time for these seeds to germinate and shoot upward.

New career? New hobby? New self-care routine? New way of eating? Better boundaries? New way of interacting with the world? New home or office?

It’s time to let those seeds sprout. How do you do this?

The universe will back your actions, so don’t worry about not being supported. If you’re on a path that is meaningful for your development, energetic support will fill your sails and propel you forward.

All you have to do is take the first step and be willing to allow change.

Let's cover some tips to put spring energy to work for you.

Spring is wood element time in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This means your liver and gallbladder have more energy at this time of year to move what is not serving them. 

Gallbladder is our mover, our catalyst, and helps us make decisions. It also holds old anger. You may feel any of these themes in your life right now. Liver is the director, the cleanser, the organizer, the anger generator. You may also feel these. You may feel allergies, skin irritations, or irritability or frustration. These are all signs of liver wanting to get something moving.

Physical actions to support you in Spring:

Eat lighter, more greens, less fats, less heavy foods. Get plenty of fruits and vegetables to supply the nutrients your liver needs to let go of toxins. Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Breathe deeply to help move your diaphragm, which helps move your liver. Movement is key to get the liver the vitality it needs to do its job effectively.

Get enough sleep, don’t eat large meals before bed, and make sure to get enough hydration. Sour foods will stimulate your liver. Unsweetened cranberry juice is a favorite of mine, great for stimulating the gallbladder.

Emotional actions to support you in Spring:

If something is causing you frustration, feel it and allow the emotion to move within you, giving it permission to leave. Notice anger and try to work with it in a healthy way: a way that allows it to be recognized and move, without spraying it on those around you. 

If you feel frustrated, connect with it and feel it. Lean into it for a moment. Then let it go. Old anger hangs out in the gallbladder, so don’t be surprised if old hurts resurface to be processed and fall away. It’ll leave you lighter on the other side. 🎉

Spiritual actions to support you in Spring:

Take a walk outside to help your mind clear and discharge energy ready to go. Allow downtime to help you feel what is moving in your body or notice the universe’s messages to move you forward. Get sessions to help move old, stagnant energy. Listen to Liver Love or Allergy Relief sessions a few times to get energy moving.

Your body is an amazing machine, ready to use the energy of Spring to step up, to let go of what’s not serving you.

Use this is time of year to reawaken to possibility and embrace change. Let’s go together!


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