The power of We

Nov 18, 2022

I sat in my car, impatiently waiting for the school bus. I checked the time yet again. It was late. I wondered if my intricate plan would begin to unravel. A few centering breaths while I quickly calculated time and calmed my mind…Finally, I saw the bus crest the hill. And so, I was running behind schedule. The cold rain seemed to make everything a bit slow.

I set up five chairs in my treatment room thinking no one would brave this miserable just-above freezing rain. Three people texted they were running a little late but were coming. I honestly was surprised.

I set up five chairs, thinking that would be plenty. Two other people arrived. Oh, no problem, I’ll grab another couple of chairs… By the end, we had ten people gathered for connection and healing.

Faces I hadn’t seen since 2018, friendly faces I see often. A beautiful blend of souls.

What exactly is important about community? What have we lost in the last couple of years, as gatherings shifted (some have returned, some have not).

We can do energy work and connect remotely, I prove it every day in sessions. But, yet, when connecting with others in community, it feels different when in person.

What happens when we gather together in person?

Our energies interact with each other. We use each other for healing. Whoa!

For example, one may be very grounded and in need of openness, while another may have difficulty grounding and be too expanded. These two can come together energetically to share their gifts with one another, completely unbeknownst to the conscious mind. This automatically happens without any conscious involvement.

Doing absolutely nothing except showing up in the same space, we receive healing by connecting with others. Awesome!

But there is more. In my energy healing circle, we allowed our energies to create a vortex of energy in the room. Think of it as being in a tidal pool. The energy washes around the circle, bringing healing opportunity with each revolution. This is intentional movement created to bring healing. This ‘respiration’ of the group energy is viscerally comforting, balancing and boosting.

And then, the final icing on the cake, I traveled around the room doing 2 – 3 minute balances. This provides focused energy just where you need it, to shift out blocks.

Add it all up to a powerful 45 minutes of healing!

I will be experimenting with these circles (three more are scheduled for November and December). If this sounds intriguing to you, check out the dates on the Events page. Your energy contributes to the power of the circle and you receive amazing healing, truly demonstrating the power of WE.

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