Self Sabotage? Free Addiction Support Session! 🤩

Jan 25, 2023

This past summer, my family piled into the car and headed to a local summer festival. We crossed the big, wide lawn and the kids bee-lined for the forest ranger and the Dare officer who had lots of cool SWAG. Yoyos, rulers, frisbees…score! I on the other hand, immediately noticed a table for mental health services and veered away from the little folks.

Staffing the table, I met a lovely lady Lisa, who helps people recovering from substance abuse and addiction. How cool! I loved hearing how she is helping these people get back on their feet, trying to scaffold them so they can conquer their struggles with addiction recovery.

The first amazing thing that occurred to me is this: these are people who WANT to get better. They are in a crummy situation but they are trying to regain control of their lives. It’s not often one can find a population of people who are showing up, wanting to make serious change. I was intrigued and started brainstorming how I could help (this must be the engineer in me!).

I called her the following week and after discussing all the different ways I could support her, we settled on simple. I granted her a few of my Heal Me Now sessions to use in her groups.

And guess what? The members of her group responded with great results! They noticed feeling lighter, less stressed, better.

And so, through this lovely collaboration, a brand-new session called Addiction Support was born.

This session isn’t just about substance abuse. It’s about any addiction: food, shopping, alcohol, smoking, sugar, drugs, hoarding, and any other activity or substance to which one can become addicted.

This session helps heal the underlying root causes of addiction and why we lose control in our lives.

And I’m making this session 100% FREE. Now and forever. Available to anyone. 🤩

I want to help people who are feeling stuck but want to get better.

And so, I have a favor to ask of you.

Help me spread the word! 📢 Together we can change the world, one person at a time.

When you meet someone who is struggling with any sort of addiction, please suggest this free resource. All it requires is 30 minutes of listening and access to a phone or computer to start seeing positive shifts.

This session has the power to open next steps, to give the listener their power back, to heal their mind and body to be worthy of recovery. To control cravings, detox the liver, and balance the brain.

If you feel stuck in any area of your life, unable to take the actions you know would serve you, perhaps give it a listen. If you have stubborn pounds you’ve wanted to lose, keep eating too much sugar, or just can’t stick to the changes you want to make, you may be holding onto energy that is blocking your progress.

It’s time to step forward in your power.

Check out the free session here.

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