The Secret to Healing Chronic Infections

May 17, 2023
Chronic virus and bacteria affecting the body, heal with energy medicine

My client was young, healthy, just transitioning into the workforce. A 20 something about to step into a new life post-graduation – new job, new city. But chronic monthly strep infections (bacteria) were dragging her down, requiring antibiotic treatment. In just a few energy medicine sessions, we were able to heal what was blocking her immune system from seeing and killing the bacteria. This chronic infection cleared and did not return.

Another client had seasonal sinus infections – every allergy season, her sinus symptoms would worsen into a sinus infection that required antibiotic treatment. In just a few sessions of focusing on energy blocks causing her stomach pain and anxiety, which we healed, her seasonal sinus infections vanished. No antibiotics needed!

A chronic pain client had searched relentlessly, visiting chiros, body workers, PTs, every type of western medicine doctor imaginable with no answers to her pain and no improvement no matter what she tried. In a few energy medicine sessions of working on her traumatic childhood, her pain suddenly improved after identifying the shingles virus tied in with trauma. The improvements persisted when nothing else had worked.


How is this possible, your scientific mind wants to know!

The answer lies in simple facts about the body, in quantum physics and the power of Biofield Therapy.

First, did you know your emotional state heavily affects your immune system? Yes! It’s proven in medical literature. Even your doctor will agree – stress has all sorts of proven negative consequences for your health.

Have you ever heard worrisome news and suddenly have a stomachache?

Have you ever feared you would be late for an important meeting (perhaps you were the speaker) and felt hot, anxious, stomach swirling, or other physical sensations in your body?

Or perhaps you had a crummy night sleep, and you felt physically unwell.

These three scenarios have one thing in common: an overamped nervous system. Your nervous system controls homeostasis, a fancy word for balance, in your entire body. Respirations, heartbeat, circulation, digestion, blood pressure, brain chemistry, and more are all regulated and affected by your nervous system.

In just an instant, the mind can flip the body from ‘rest and digest’ calmness to ‘fight or flight’ craziness. This is intended to outrun tigers but, in our society, this mechanism is often triggered for danger that exists only in our minds. AND, I find often in my practice, danger that happened many years ago that wasn’t fully processed, sitting in the body like an inflamed thorn. ๐Ÿ‘ˆ (But we can easily heal this with energy medicine and Biofield Therapy!)

The nervous system immediately affects the immune system. And here lies our connection to chronic infections. When you are in a stress state, with the cause of that stress from either the past or the present, your nervous system lives that stress and immediately affects your immune cells. Your body doesn’t know if it is old or current and it doesn’t care, it’s responding to the chemical signals of stress in the body no matter what the cause.

Stress may cause your immune system to be hyper stimulated into inflammation, or suppressed to divert energy elsewhere, or both. Either way, chronic bugs fly under the radar wreaking havoc, while you struggle to feel well, most of the time without symptoms.

The first step to healing? Unpack stress in your body and mind to unburden your immune system. Stress gets stored when we don’t have the capacity to handle it all in the moment and have to stick it somewhere – the body is a great storage facility. Traumas, accidents, injuries, illnesses, volatile emotion, school or work stress, anything can become stored and trigger a subconscious stress response within you. Heal the body by releasing the stress.

Easier said than done, right? We must find hidden stress lurking below conscious awareness, stuck in the physical body.

Energy medicine is a highly effective and fast way to do this, without having to relive your past. Disconnect energy drains, restore function of your immune cells, and start feeling better, often immediately. Let the body share where it is stuck and unburden, so it can heal naturally, with it's own power.

You do not need to be at the mercy of virus, bacteria, parasite and fungi. Your body knows how to handle these infections without difficulty if your immune system is functioning in balance. It’s time to restore your immune system with energy medicine so you can step into your full strength and resilience. Your body and mind will thank you. If you're ready to feel better, let's create a plan to get you there. ๐ŸŒŸ

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