The #1 question I get asked as an energy healer

Jan 18, 2023

 What is the number one question I get asked as an energy healer? 

It’s a topic that confuses people as they are trying to heal. And it’s a foundational premise that is missing in today’s allopathic medical care.

It’s a complex web of information. It seems so simple but complex at the same time.

   How can physical symptoms be caused by emotions or thoughts?

In order to understand this, we have to start at the definition of who we are.

We are not just a physical body. We are a body, soul and an energy field. This is also referred to as the human biofield or other similar names.

This system is like a supercomputer! Our body has meridians and energy centers and ‘highways’ the energy travels upon, much like a circuit board. Our energy field, on the other hand, is less tangible.

Imagine you are shopping at a store, intently focused, perhaps reading the ingredients on an item or looking through a rack of clothing for a particular size. Someone walks up behind you, trying to get around. Most likely, you will feel their presence without any sight or sound. This is because they have entered your energy field and you are feeling their energy.

Take another example. Have you ever walked up to someone and felt their vibe? Perhaps you loved being around them, not because they were funny or happy, but because they made you feel good. Or perhaps you’ve been around someone who seems fine but when you get a bit closer, you feel their stress. This is the work of your energy field sensing and sharing this information with you through your intuitive senses.

OK, back to our discussion point.

Energy moves throughout our energy field and the parts of the system influence one another. Medical research proves the mind affects the physical body (think Adrenaline when you get frightened or that stomach ache when you are nervous about an upcoming event). It also proves the body affects the mind (hormonal balance can contribute to depression and anxiety, for instance, and emotions can change the physiologic balance of the microbiome). This is all proven through medical research.

When you feel a physical symptom in your body, both the physical and the energetic are playing a role. We are one big system - not separate silos put together. And so, to heal, we must take into account all parts of the system, not just the body.

Old stuck emotional energy, energy you may not even remember because it is stuck in your subconscious, is likely playing a role in symptoms. Old stuck energy skews our immune system, contacts our muscles (leading to postural imbalances which cause joint pain), amps up our nervous system, hampers our digestion, and the list goes on and on.

As we clear blocks from these places in the body, suddenly the physical body becomes lighter and unimpeded. This leads to better physiological function and the elimination or reduction of symptoms. In short, you can start feeling better.

The trouble is, doctors don’t know what to do with this information. They are not trained to work on anything but the physical body and they do not have the time to delve into these more complicated subject areas.

Mostly, they do not know about or trust the highly efficient and precise improvements energy healing methods can bring.

So, I urge you, when dealing with a physical symptom, to consider not just the physical body but also the rest of you. As I write this, I’m taking my kids to the doc for a bacterial infection.

I know bacteria tends to anchor fear and anxiety. I’m opening to their bodies shifting this as they are treated for the bacterial infection. This helps dissolve the root cause in their immune system that allowed the infection in the first place. And it decreases the likelihood of it coming back.

Next time a physical symptom bothers you, ask if there is any emotion or thought that needs to come to your awareness. Invite this to come to you. And then listen. It’ll improve your healing.

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