The Pesky Emotion Du Jour That Hides The Real You

Sep 27, 2023

It’s always amusing to me how energy comes in cycles in my healing practice. For a week or two it’ll be one similar emotion in many clients, then suddenly patterns shift into something new. Let’s play a quick game to see if you can guess the most recent emotion du jour.

There are a lot of definitions for this emotion, some very specific and some more generalized. Here is the definition that is closest to what I use in my work: “a feeling of worry or unhappiness that you have because you have done something wrong.”

Here is the definition from Mirriam-Webster, “feeling responsible for a perceived offense, real or imagined. Can be part of the grief reaction.” And from Oxford, “the unhappy feeling caused by knowing or thinking you have done something wrong.”

Now, I’ll include this important fact: in most of the balances I do in client sessions, this emotion is created through fear of it being true – not because of any experienced reality.

It travels in religious cultures and families. Expectations from authority figures project it. It can be a primary motivator in parenting. It is used to manipulate others’ behavior into ‘expected’ behavior. It is used to create a feeling of obligation to get people to act in a desired way.

Have you guessed this pesky emotion?

This emotion is a powerful motivator of action and it keeps us from living our life authentically for us. Rather, we live in fear of what others will think, how they will judge us, and the repercussions. Guilt is an emotion that frequently gets stored in the lungs, intestines, heart, and skin. But it doesn’t need to stop there. It can affect any organ or system in the body. Lymph, muscles and fascia hold it. The adrenals fear it. The gut churns on it.

This emotion can also block our ability to feel joy. We aren’t worthy of it, aren’t good enough for it, or the most common, everyone else’s needs some first. These outdated stories are typically based on being the person who kept the peace in your childhood family’s home. Not keeping the peace meant paying the price – with feeling unsafe, being in the midst of conflict, or anxious about what would happen next.

To unwind this emotion and free your body’s health, fear must be shed – fear of how others will judge you. As you shift this emotion, you’ll notice physical function starting to improve, whether its gut health or asthma symptoms or allergies or other.

Just by bringing this emotion to mind, making a commitment to no longer embrace these thought patterns, and by reassuring yourself it’s safe to be you – you’ll be taking a huge step toward healing.

“It is safe to be authentically me and live my life for me.”

And if this energy feels too big to handle alone, let’s connect. This is one that must go in order for you to live your true potential.

Sarah Lascano is the founder of RayZen Energy where she is a master biofield therapist, energy medicine practitioner and healer. It is her passion to help people recover their health and reclaim their lives through expert energy therapy and practical wisdom. Learn more at

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