Are you owning your power to heal?

Feb 22, 2023

What is holding the power in your life?

Is it what you desire to create now, in this moment? Or is it a voice from the past holding you back?

All week long, I’ve been balancing the power to get well in my client sessions.

Many of us believe healing has to be difficult, painful, lengthy, or is flat out unobtainable. After all, it’s taken many of us years to get to this point.

But what if it could be easy? And if it were easy, does that mean we are a failure? Not smart enough to see the solution or not wise enough to make the right choices?

Can we surrender all that, owning the fact that we don’t control our life’s journey? Newsflash:  if we did, we would never choose to feel unwell!

It’s time to own that we play a mighty role in our health, determined by our thoughts, emotions and energy. Including the subconscious thoughts we don’t even know exist.

And we do have the power to heal, if we can let go of these voices and experiences from our past that tell us otherwise. These are the real perpetrators that have been holding us back.

Live blood analysis has proven our immune cells’ behavior mirrors our personality. If we feel a victim of life, our immune system will act like a victim. If we feel out of control and confused, our immune system will act the same.

These patterns don’t just affect the mind, they also affect our physiology. Our adrenal axis, our immune system, our digestion…

And so, we must believe in our power to shift our health, whether it is finding a new supplement, a new doctor, a new healer, a new diet, anything. We can receive the information we need (from any source) to move ourselves forward.

And so, I urge you to notice any thought in your mind that disempowers you. Recognize as fallacy any voice that tells yourself you can’t do it, you don’t know the right next steps.

Because it just isn’t true.

In each and every moment, no matter what has happened in the previous days, months or even years, you have a choice: to move closer to health or further away from it. And it starts with the stories you are telling yourself and the stories that are trapped in your body.

Do you feel worthy of feeling good? Do you feel worthy of life being easy? Does your body feel broken, and are you rooted in struggle or rejection with your body? Do you have a history of being told you are wrong, of others being critical of you?

It’s time to deny all of those voices, all of that conditioning, all of the past.

It’s time to clear all of this from your body.

It’s time to own your power.

Repeat after me:

I have the power to heal.

My body knows how to heal.

I will be led to the right next step.

I open to listening/watching/knowing my right next step.

You can do this.

And if you are confused, contact me and let’s chat.



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