Losing Illness

Jul 16, 2021

Have you ever wanted to change something but just can’t seem to find the right path forward? Everything you try keeps you where you are. The stuck-ness is certainly not for lack of trying! You are so determined but no progress. Sound familiar?

My client has tried everything for her digestive complaints. No matter the supplement or diet, she has tired so many things but still hasn’t been able to find meaningful results. She feels stuck, that she’s missing something, and that she is failing somehow. And she desperately wants to be free of her symptoms. She will do just about anything.

So, what gives?

Let’s talk about the reality of the situation. If you think about my client, she is focusing all her thought and energy on what she does not want (her symptoms) and how to stop them. This is totally understandable but here’s the thing. There is no room left over for thinking about health, freedom and what she does want.

This is a problem because there is a principle in quantum physics that says what we observe is pulled into creation. In that case, by fighting what is and trying to make it go away, we are in essence causing more of it. Because we are focusing on the symptoms we want to heal.

All too often, we focus our thoughts on research and learning and trying to figure out what we need to do to STOP our present situation. We spend all our mental focus and energy trying to get away from what is in our lives at the moment. But in that process, we miss living. And more importantly, we focus our energy onto what we do not want. 

I know you might be thinking…how do you not think about a symptom that disrupts your life? That causes you pain or discomfort or inconvenience multiple times throughout the day?

It’s a tricky line to walk. 

I believe one answer is to keep our focus on the present and live our life from our center. Respect what your body needs in the moment. But also we must hold our current reality ‘lightly,’ knowing it is temporary and can be healed. If we can know it is just a current stop along the journey and with the right timing, we will be free of it, we open ourselves to focus on the possibility of healing and feeling well.

There is a ticket to freedom. Here is a quick process that can help you get there.

1-Honor where you are. Stop fighting with yourself. An easy way to do this is to say “What if nothing else changes for the rest of my life? Would I be able to live this way?” This outcome is highly unlikely (that your life won’t change), but it’s a great way to remind yourself to accept where you are.

2-Focus on the present. What can I do right now as I move through my day to support my body? Maybe it’s the food I choose, maybe it’s a new practitioner to see, maybe it’s less daily stress. Whatever your body needs, get present, listen and come up with a plan focused on moving you closer to your health goals.

3-This too shall pass. Remind yourself illness is temporary and that your symptoms can heal. Give your reality a chance to change by opening to the possibility. The body innately knows how to heal.

4-Focus on what you want. If you want better health, find a way to connect with it. What makes you feel strong? Do it. Often. Recognize all you are doing to support your body’s healing. Visualize, journal or use affirmations to begin to own a new reality (health) and recognize achievements when you make them.

5-Hop back up when you fall down. When you find yourself dropping back into self-defeating thoughts or beliefs you don’t have the power to change your life, recognize the old pattern. Recognition is a big part of the solution! Then, commit to a new way of viewing the world around you and bring your attention back to the present, back to your goals and back to an action plan of how to start stepping toward them (step #2).

This process will bring true, lasting healing. If you can start holding the positive outcome in your mind, even 5% of the time, you’ll make significant steps toward your health goals.

If you feel you just cannot connect in any way to feeling better, check out the heal me now session Step into Health for some additional support. It will help to crumble blocks keeping your body out of balance.

One thought at a time, break through illness into health freedom!

In health,


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