Is your first thought hindering or helping?

Feb 16, 2022

I woke just before my alarm and my first thought was pulled to the aching feeling in my body. My mind immediately jumped into analysis mode: maybe it was what I ate for dinner, perhaps I caught a bug from my kids earlier in the week, maybe it’s those nasty chemicals I smelled at the store…confusion set in as the possibilities flooded into my mind.

As the treadmill of thought kept spinning, desperate to find ‘the answer’ that would help me get rid of the pain, it was nearly impossible to feel good.

All of my energy was now focused intensely on how to change the reality of the moment, a very hard task indeed. And to make matters worse, I was also focused on what I didn’t want: pain.

This was the scene years into my healing journey, most mornings, and it wasn’t a great way to wake up.

So how do we get off this hamster wheel? It’s not a fun place to be. In fact, it pulls your day into the ‘suck’ category faster than my kids can destroy a spotless kitchen floor. Less than five minutes, guaranteed!

The first step is so illogical, it’s easy to see why it’s not intuitive. Especially if you’re a problem solver like me. And it takes practice, as we’ve likely spent a lifetime doing the EXACT OPPOSITE.

The very first step, and this shouldn’t take more than one to two minutes max, is to accept what is. And what in the world does that mean?! 

It means a quick recognition of what is happening in the body in the moment: ‘you’re feeling pain, frustration, anger, overwhelm…’ whatever it is. There is an emotion lurking under your thoughts about the present moment. Perhaps fear? Unworthiness? Frustration?

Put on your detective hat and allow your emotions to surface. Allowing emotional energy to move is a cornerstone of healthy energy and energy healing. This is why the pain is there in the first place. If no emotion jumps out at you, focus on your symptom for just a moment, only to see what comes up. And if still nothing, default to frustration as it’s one of the most likely. 😉

The next step is the most powerful—focus on what’s going well. Focus on what you want. Focus on anything positive. The soft bed, the heated house, the refrigerator full of food, the house full of children creating joy or discord…there is no wrong here. Mindset reprograms our subconscious mind and is another cornerstone of energy healing.

Anything works, and bonus points if it’s about your body or health. This powerful step redirects your creative energy from creating illness/pain to focusing on what you want more of. This power is hard to express in words. 💪

From this point of empowerment and feeling more centered, step back into your day.

Repeat as many times as needed. The more we can hold our center, focused on what we want, the more quickly we can manifest the health we deserve.

These steps are covered in more depth in my energy healing and training course, Health Freedom Navigator. If you’d like to learn more, click here. This amazing interactive course and healing journey teaches how to hear what your body needs next to start creating health. It’s time to step into MORE and live your soul’s mission to its fullest. You deserve health freedom.



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