If You Could Have a Crystal Ball

Feb 02, 2022

Have you ever felt ‘I wish I could have a crystal ball to know the ‘right’ answer?’ Let’s ignore the fact that ‘right’ is actually a misnomer but instead the answer that would move me forward in ease and abundance. The answer that would cause me the least pain. Or the most financial gain. Or the most happiness.

Perhaps if you have foods that don’t agree with you, to ask if a food will make you feel unwell. Perhaps if you’re buying a home, to decide if it feels like the right place. Or if you’re trying to choose between doctors, which one will support you best.

Well, I’m so excited to tell you we all have the ability to do this! You don’t have to live on a mountain top at a monastery or be a gifted psychic. 

And we can take it a step further…we all have the ability to sense/tune in/feel what is holding us back, in any area of our life. That means we can even heal ourselves. Dag! Did you think you needed to be super special to do that? Yeah…me too, back in the days of my own healing journey.😧

I call this amazing skill Everyday Intuition. Intuition we can tap into anytime, anyplace, wherever we need. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

And it’s actually not that hard to learn how to do this.

Yes, I know, it’s harder when we don’t trust ourselves (been there, done that). And it’s harder when our body is causing us stress (been there too). But with regular commitment to calm our mind and say no to stress, with very simple processes you can do anytime, anywhere, we can start to let this information flow.

Did you know intuition is always ON? Yep, just like your heart beats without you focusing upon it, so too are you connected to your gut feelings, inspirations, and ‘that feels/doesn’t feel good to me’ sense. You likely already use your intuition, you just may not realize it and may not know how to access it on demand. But trust me, it’s really not that hard to start learning. 

A particular student of mine, in a class, said she could barely shut her eyes and couldn’t meditate because her mind was so busy. After going through our first calming the mind and tuning in process, she connected with energy in her knee that needed to clear. How cool is that?! And received a message from her brother who had passed that brought her healing. Unbelievable! In just 5 minutes!

Let’s look at Everyday Intuition in a different way. Have you ever thought of someone just before they called you? Or reached out to a friend you haven’t called in a while, only to hear them say “I was just thinking of you the other day?” This happens a lot and YES, it is intuition! You are feeling your connection with others in this moment on a subconscious and intuitive level.

We can take these moments and learn how to build upon them, on demand, to empower our decision making, boost self-trust and feel more confident in our every day lives. Sounds great, right?

To be able to ask your body or yourself about decisions, about foods, about people, places, things. The list is truly endless… So if you decide you’d like to boost your intuition and learn how to access it on demand, for a more confident and empowered you, hit reply and let’s chat!  And keep your eyes open for information in a few weeks about that free class I’ll be teaching. 🤩

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