How to Bridge the Gap

Oct 13, 2021

When each moment of the day revolves around our physical imbalances, it can be tough to focus on being well. Making this shift in focus from illness to wellness is exactly the way out. It took me a long time to figure out how this can work and I’d like to save you years on your own health journey.

There is a saying, “where your focus goes, your energy goes.” I believe this 100% and it is a founding principle of my healing work. Whatever we focus upon, we are powering up and giving fuel.

If we spend all day focused on supplements, special diets, appointments for our health, our focus is likely not going to land on our body’s strength. Granted, if we do too much, eat the wrong foods, forget the right supplements, we feel terrible. How in the world do we bridge this gap when our current reality literally requires this focus?

It isn’t rocket science but it’s super powerful…by changing one single thought at a time.

Just one.

Commit to focusing on a visual image of you being vibrantly healthy, whatever this means to you. Perhaps traveling without needing special accommodation for your diet. Maybe going on a hike without your energy levels crashing. Perhaps eating with friends without having to talk to the chef in advance.

Whatever speaks deeply to you feeling free, strong and empowered, picture it in your mind and focus on it for just 30 seconds each day. Start small.

If you have trouble visualizing, make a list instead. Write down ten characteristics or activities you will feel once you are vibrantly healthy that are meaningful to you. “I will be able to hike” or “I will be able to join my friends for lunch” or “I will be able to bake cookies with my kids.” Read this list once per day.

After a week or so, amp it up. Focus on this image twice per day, perhaps right before bed and right when you wake. Set the tone for your day with this image of strength and vibrant health or by reading your list.

When mental blocks come up, just notice them and give them permission to leave. Thoughts such as “it’ll never happen” or “my life will never change” or “is there really a way to heal this?” Just notice these, they are only thoughts! They are not real! And invite them to leave, redirecting yourself back to the positive thoughts or images instead.

You may start to notice your thoughts when they focus on illness. “I don’t feel well” or “my stomach hurts today” will trigger a little flag in your mind. In these moments, redirect the mind. Catch yourself, send yourself a little burst of compassion, and then focus on something positive or a new thought of “I am ready to embrace vibrant health for my body” or similar.

Within a couple weeks, you should feel an opening, a tiny glimmer of hope, a connection to the possibility of healing. And then you can begin to expand into that, directing your energy more often in alignment with what you want, rather than focusing on what you don’t want.

This gentle method allows you to take care of your health needs while at the same time opening to new possibilities. This influx of positive energy, focused on what you do want, will begin to power up that new, desired reality. And guess what? You’ll start seeing the steps to get you there. They will begin to come into focus. Perhaps a new way of eating, a new practitioner, a new class, a new supplement….whatever your body needs to make the next jump will begin coming into your life.

Open to a completely new reality by intentionally focusing on what you want in just 30 seconds per day.

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