How Do I Move Energy To Heal You?

Sep 28, 2022

I tuned into my client. I felt a hollow feeling in the belly, right above her navel. I kept focusing on that area and had a feeling of being buffeted by others’ energy, powerless to hold her own ground and keep her center. This felt like something from her childhood. Then I began to see connections to others. I asked her body how many…five. Five different people holding onto her energy, keeping her from being able to feel her power and be centered. I began disconnecting and healing these connections.

How exactly do I move energy as an energy healer and medical intuitive?

I tune into your body and it starts to tell me where to focus. I may see, hear, know, or feel information that helps me know this. In the example above, I saw connections and felt a hollow feeling. I also knew there was a disruption in this area, it felt low on energy.

This information comes through my intuitive senses. As I tune in, I use my intuition to know where to focus and what to heal. I also use my intellect. Wisdom I’ve learned in over 4000 sessions and through my own life experiences, training, and any other source available to me!

Put all this together and I’m able to use medical intuition and energy healing to remove blocks keeping your body stuck.

How? There is a foundational principle – energy follows intention. Where your mind goes, your focus goes. Where your focus goes, your energy goes.

I use this. Where I focus and what I intention happens. This skill is built by focusing and doing my own work – clearing my own field. The clearer I am, the more I can use my energy with laser-like precision.

As I lift off these energetic roadblocks, you begin to feel lighter, in balance.

Your body gets reconnected to its innate wisdom and knows what to do next to step closer to health.

Your nervous system gets into a parasympathetic, rest and digest mode so it can begin to heal. Your system slows and recalibrates in a healthy way.

Perhaps most importantly, I move blocks in your subconscious mind that are keeping you in a stress mode, unable to heal. Blocks you likely don’t even know about.

It’s kinda hard to heal something you don’t know about, right? This is a huge benefit of energy healing. Once these are moved, your body takes over and gets to work healing.

I include your entire system: mind, body, spirit. Just what exactly does that mean?

I consider all of you:

  • your physical body – organs, hormones, muscles, bones, systems
  • your thoughts, both conscious & subconscious
  • your emotions, both current and stored
  • your spiritual body – old relationships, karmic imprints, epigenetic factors, generational threads

I find and release disruptions in any of these areas that might be jeopardizing your body’s ability to heal. And guess what? They link together. An emotion that was unable to be fully processed in your past might get lodged in your liver or stomach. A sibling criticizing you in your youth might get locked in your brain, playing over and over again without you even knowing it.

The beauty of looking at the whole system holistically is the ability to release these threads from everywhere, truly healing the root cause of health symptoms.

So if you’ve not found healing, no matter what you’ve tried… If you’ve been told your symptoms are all in your head – there seems to be no physical cause… If you’re not finding relief, let’s chat.

Symptoms can be healed. And you can feel better. Healing is possible. Even when nothing else is working.

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