Getting Clarity The Easy Way

Apr 13, 2022

I’ve shared my crazy technology struggles before interviews and last week was no different! I was preparing for a TV show recording and my computer couldn’t see my camera. Then it was my microphone. I left the streaming app multiple times, came back in, no luck. After fighting for 20+ minutes with time running out, I gave it one last go and it mysteriously all worked. 

After a nail-biting start, it was a fun interview. Can you guess the #1 most surprising moment for the interviewer? What caused her to doubt if she heard me correctly? 

My comment that we all have the ability to tap into our intuition.

What? She asked me to clarify...she thought she must’ve misheard.

Yup. You do!

But I know nothing about intuition. I don’t meditate. I can’t calm my mind…you may say.

Yup. You do!

But I don’t have any special background, no one in my family can do things like that.

Yup. You do!

Really, we all do have the ability to learn this. It’s simply a muscle that needs practice in order to be usable on-demand, whenever you want to access it.

Trust me, if I can do it, you can too. I was all those things I just listed. Didn’t know what intuition was. Didn’t know how it worked. Nothing was ‘real’ unless it was observed with the five senses. I was an engineer, for goodness sakes!

But none of this mattered, I can now read a body’s energy with precision.

You have intuition and you can learn how to use it to bring ease and health into your life.

In fact, you’re probably already using your intuition in your day-to-day life, you just don’t realize it.

Have you ever reached out to call someone at the exact moment they are calling you? Have you ever stopped just as you were leaving home because you suddenly remembered you were forgetting something? Have you ever had a ‘gut feeling’ about something that you just couldn’t explain but you knew what to do? 

These are all intuitive moments at work in your daily life. 

The great news is this…you can build on these. You can learn how to access this intuition on-demand when you need it. And then, once you have access to this skill, you gain access to wisdom beyond your conscious mind. True power. You can tune into your body and ask it questions about foods, health, anything.

You can ask about big financial decisions or career moves or parenting choices. 

All this boils down to more EASE. Less confusion.

I’ll share the number one block to your intuition. It’s your busy mind

Your busy mind is impacted by your physical health, stress levels, and even the foods you eat. The quieter you can get your mind, the clearer you can hear intuitive information.

Often, intuition is blocked by fears or worries or self-doubt. These blocks need to be addressed and removed. Once they are, your intuition can start to flow.

I’ve found no better remedy for fear or anxiety of making wrong decisions. There is nothing that can support your day-to-day life like a relationship with this part of you and the connection to ‘source’ that it brings. Faith. Ease. Safety.

If you’re interested in taking the next step with your intuition, let’s connect. It’s a well of wisdom that is waiting to be invited into your life.

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