Use the Full Moon for YOU

Oct 21, 2021

If we become aware and work with the energies around us, we can move forward FASTER! This is great news, don’t you think?! So then, let’s get to it! How can we apply this to healing? Because it means nothing if we can’t put it to work for ourselves.

Ever notice how people can get a bit grumpy, touchy, irritated during the full moon? If you have kids or pets, you might’ve even joked when they behave worse than normal “maybe it’s because of the full moon.” I know I certainly have!! And well before I understood why…

If you‘ve noticed this, you’ve felt moon energy at work. 

You see, full moon is shining a light on the dark nooks and crannies within ourselves where we are hiding baggage we’d prefer not to deal with. Think of it as your attic and the moon is the flashlight! (Oh yeah, I forgot about all those boxes stored up there from when I moved ten years ago….)

If you are interested in moving forward, driven to feel better, searching for your next step to live in more joy and ease, you subconsciously have said YES to the universe showing you the way forward. 

Perhaps unbeknownst to you, you’ve committed to working through what is holding you back, what is keeping you from achieving that dream life you know is there but haven’t been able to achieve.

You’ve committed to let full moon energy shine light on those dark corners.

Yup, and so, when you feel off, it’s merely the blocks being brought to the surface, being brought to your awareness, so that you can hold a giant send-off party.

Remember my favorite process to send off: recognize, allow, release. Just recognize it, allow it to be there, and then give it permission to change/leave/release. It truly is that easy. And we all can do it. Promise!

The hardest part? Knowing what to recognize/allow/release. Because subconsciously we don’t want to see it. We don’t want to touch it. And we certainly don’t want to feel it. It’s too scary or we’re afraid it won’t leave or it’ll overwhelm us. Or we just don’t even know it’s there because it’s so deeply buried.

You are not alone if these thoughts are true for you. I’ve certainly used all of them MANY times!

Set an intention for yourself that you are ready to move forward. You are ready to allow full moon energy to shine its light on what is holding you back. And then get out of the way and watch the magic happen.

Don’t be alarmed if that magic is a painful memory, an upsetting conversation with a partner, a kid not listening to you, or your dog eating your iPad. These situations, while really unpleasant, are helping the emotional and mental signatures of the stored energy come to our awareness. 

Yes, these are healing moments, even though we feel that life is happening to us without any control on our part. If gently embraced and explored, these moments can propel us so far forward…toward our goals.

So instead of banishing, prepressing, distracting these difficult moments, embrace them as healers, allow the full moon energy to shine its light, and get ready for real progress toward your goals. <3

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