From Fidgety to Calm in One Session

May 11, 2022

“I can’t seem to quiet my mind, my brain races away” my client shared as she got settled in my office for her session. “And honestly, I can’t remember it not being like that. I’m always fidgeting, for as long as I can remember.”

A retired nurse, this client has been around health care for many years and knows a thing or two about the body. In fact, she decided she wanted to find a more holistic way to calm her mind. One that didn’t require medication or other invasive treatments.

I could feel the strong determination in her, the commitment to finding a better way, as she continued, “I’m just not living in the moment, even my best friend tells me ‘stop planning your life away.’”

Now, my first observation in a situation like this is an overactive nervous system. But there could be many causes depending on the circumstances: past trauma, infections, injuries, burnout, stressful childhood, self-criticism, traumatic birth, the list goes on and on.

So how do we know how to unravel these issues with precision and speed?

My approach, which is the most empowering thing ever, is very simple: ask the body!

I can’t possibly know all the answers to everyone’s symptoms, but I can guarantee with 100% certainty that your body knows.

And that makes my job beautifully simple: to let your body tell me! To listen to your energy and allow the information needed for healing to come up. And to remove blocks keeping you stuck, so that your body can start healing the way it innately knows how. 

Back to my client…

It turns out, we were able to take an amazing amount of stress out of her body in just one session

After our session, she was able to nap (which she normally doesn’t), was able to slow down, and actually felt relaxed. She added, “I feel calmer and my brain has settled down.” This is an amazing sign of healing for an overamped nervous system. It is the body letting itself recalibrate, restore, rest. Mind quiet, body not fidgeting.

And do you know what we worked on, that caused these amazing changes? A difficult relationship with a sibling. An event in childhood which paved the way for difficult interactions throughout her life.

If you would’ve asked me what was the cause of her stress, I wouldn’t have intellectually known. In fact, we didn’t discuss this particular relationship while going over her history form, even though we talked about family, childhood and abusive relationships.

👉 But her body shared this information and we were able to heal it.

So just what kind of blocks disrupt the body and cause symptoms?

These blocks can be in the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual parts of your body.

I get asked a lot…what exactly does that mean?

The physical body can hold blocks to our energy: organs, glands, tissues, muscles, bones, cells, anywhere really.

Stored emotional energy, if activated, can disrupt our body or mind – think of a memory that makes you cringe, even years later, and you’re feeling the energy of disruption stored somewhere in your system.

Belief systems run in the background and create emotions, even when those belief systems are totally not true. By removing blocks here we can clear stuck mental blocks.

And the spiritual layer of the body includes connections with others that don’t serve us. Perhaps a controlling person from your past, an abusive relationship, fear of upsetting someone…any connection that may be draining your energy with others or your environment.

All these stresses create blocks that disturb and interrupt the healthy flow of vitality through our body. The remedy is to find these blocks, remove them, and watch the body soar into health.

The body knows. The mind is intimately connected to the physical. 

I work with both to get you superior, expert healing that gets results fast.

If you’d like to chat about your own situation, contact me and let’s connect❤️

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