Find Your Voice

Jun 18, 2021

Do you ever find yourself looking back at a conversation and wishing you had shared your two cents? Wishing you had voiced what was on your mind? Maybe you feel you don't think fast enough on your feet. Maybe you are afraid of being corrected, judged, criticized, or attacked. Or maybe you just prefer to stay quiet...

Moving through the world in a way that honors your needs requires that you first know them, and second share them! How can one know what you need, think or feel if you don't share this information?

I myself, and many of my clients, can feel resentful or unsupported when we weren't asking for what we need. We keep our head down, doing what needs to be done, without asking for help. Or maybe without sharing our preferences or needs. How are our loved ones supposed to know? Mind reading is a thing but most of us really aren't that great at it. 😉

Do you have past experiences that keep you from speaking up? Frequently our experiences in childhood with parents, siblings, friends or even teachers can change the way we use our voice. Just a couple challenging experiences is all it takes to get us to clam shut.

Sometimes we also have physical imbalances in our endocrine system that support these challenges. It does become a multifaceted problem. The thyroid gland and throat energy center directly relate to our ability to express ourselves and can hold us back if out of balance. It is estimated 20 million Americans have a thyroid disorder and 60% have no symptoms, according to the American Thyroid Association.

The solution: begin practicing speaking up in small ways, in ways that aren't threatening to you. Pick something small, perhaps what you want to eat for dinner or which path you'd like to take to your destination. Something low risk. Say hello with words, rather than just nodding hello. Get used to speaking up in little ways. This will start to open the door to expressing yourself in bigger ways that will change your relationships for the positive.

If you'd like a little hand holding while you find your voice, check out the Find Your Voice session. It balances your past to release the pain of rejection and criticism, while balancing the energy of the throat, including the thyroid gland's function which regulates many body processes including your body's energy and metabolism. Enjoy 50% off this session until 6/30/2021! Just enter the code VolumeUp at checkout.

Start speaking up and move into summer solstice shining your bright unique self by sharing it with the world!

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