Does Trauma Get Stored In The Mind, Body or Both?

Sep 07, 2022

I was sitting in a energy healing session with a new client day before yesterday. As we were working on trauma from childhood, she felt buzzing down her arm. I felt squeezing in the chest. And other sensations in the solar plexus area.

What does this mean when we feel these energy sensations in a session?

Let’s back up – where exactly does stress, trauma, and unresolved emotion go? When we are in a horribly stressful moment in our lives and can’t cope, what happens?

We know from the law of conservation of energy that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred from one form to another. So when emotional energy overwhelms our ability to cope, where does it go?

Lots of places.

First, the mind shuts down. It may be unsafe to express emotion in that moment. Or you might be frozen and unable to feel emotion. Or you may not have any idea how to handle something so big. Or lack the support needed to deal with the emotional energy.

In this case, the nervous system launches into fight or flight mode. It’s focus is simple: survival. Emotion is stored so the body can focus on safety. Organs, tissues, glands, muscles, endocrine system, lymph – any tissue in the body is fair game. Imagine a pantry and these boxes of unresolved emotion get put away in the closet.

Any tissue in the body can therefore be affected by trauma. The energy does not go away, it is merely stored. And in the case above, the client felt this in the energy system in the arm, most likely the heart meridian or triple warmer. As we were healing the trauma, the energy was freed to move and release, and the client felt this sensation in multiple places in the body.

If we don’t move the energy and it stays stored, later in life, this energy may get triggered. This is like waking a sleeping dragon. It wakes, starts to roar, and wants to get out of the body. We must face the energy within or expect the roaring to get louder and more insistent.

We can use energy healing to free this stored energy, allowing the triggering of our symptoms, physical or emotional, to stop. And allowing the stored energy to be released for good. This frees us from the heaviness of this stored energy and the disruption to our organs, tissues and our body’s function.

This is the path of true freedom.

If you have old energy that gets triggered and causes symptoms, and you are not sure how to free it, hit Contact and let’s connect. There is a way to find freedom. It is waiting for you.



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