The Ultimate Power: Creating What You Want

Jul 12, 2023

Did you know you can change your day-to-day life with your mind? Twice now, for clients, I’ve flipped scary cancer test results into something that does not require cancer treatment (one was a feared recurrence with return of symptoms after past treatment).

Because we tend to focus on the physical world around us, without much attention to the power of energy and thought, it’s hard to believe we have the power to shift ‘real things. 

Just this week, I had a great example of this. Not as big as a major health issue, but the exact same principle at work.

I opened an email last week to learn I was to receive payment via check on Friday. There was a tracking number. I was out of the office that day, traveling. I didn’t think much of it. Over the weekend, while away, I checked the tracking information. The package was delivered Friday at 11:17am.

Fast forward to Monday. I arrived at the office to find no mail in the mailbox. I checked the mail room, no mail there either. Hmm.

I texted my office mates, asking if either of them picked up the mail. They responded they did not remember doing so. Now the location of the parcel became a mystery. Because it had a check inside, there was concern to locate it from both me and the sender!

That evening, as I pondered what might have happened to this package, I thought perhaps it was delivered to the wrong location. Just earlier in the week, I had received my neighbor’s mail.

The next morning, I visited the post office to ask. After lengthy searching, they told me the mail carrier scanners have GPS location tracking (who knew?) and it was indeed scanned at my mailbox. The possibility of it being mis-delivered was eliminated.

Now, my mind has been conditioned to think “what if someone took it?” My unlocked mailbox is on the busy Main Street in the downtown area of my little town. But I have no evidence from past or present experience to expect that.

So, I decided to use visualization instead of worry. I pictured the parcel in my hand, I allowed any fear that someone might’ve taken it to be released, and opened to possibility. I focused on this for maybe a minute.

I then got busy with client sessions. Two hours later, my office mate showed up at my office door with the parcel in her hand. She forgot she brought in the mail Friday and also forgot to put it in the mail room. Mystery solved (and headache diverted) by the power of the mind.

Quantum physics and consciousness research proves our observations affect reality. In fact, quantum physics proves there is no reality without an observer. Kind of mind-bending to think about but this means we can use these principles of focus to make our day-to-day life easier!

So, ask yourself, what are you creating today? If your mind feels stuck in negativity, worry or anxiety, let’s chat. Energy medicine is an excellent way to free your system to create what you want (rather than what you do not want).

Sarah Lascano is the founder of RayZen Energy where she is a master biofield therapist, energy medicine practitioner and healer. She helps people recover their health and reclaim their lives. Learn more at

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