Jun 25, 2021

Have you ever tried to change something in your life, only to still be living the same old pattern after just a few weeks? Now is the perfect time to start welcoming the change you want to live.
Summer is a time of action. Nature is bursting forth from the ground, in full bloom and growth. The sun is shining at peak intensity, the days are long. We too have extra energy for growth and bursting forth, for taking action in the world. This is the time when our thoughts and dreams of what we want to accomplish have extra energy to become reality.

Is there something you want to take action on in your life but haven't yet done so? Or perhaps you've tried but haven't been able to stick with it or make progress?

Perhaps you'd like your children to help out more around the house with daily chores. Perhaps you want to get up earlier for self-care time. Perhaps you want to find a new job that is a better fit and respects you. What in your life is calling you to take action?

Summer energy can give you the boost you need to turn these wants into reality. For the week ahead, think of action as your guiding force.

Change cannot happen without action. So what is blocking you? Frequently we are afraid of leaving the past behind. That old comfortable pair of shoes is so comfortable, even though they have holes... Or perhaps you are afraid to step into something new. What if those new shoes aren't comfortable?!? 

But, the truth is...we won't be able to find those awesome NEW pair of shoes that fit even better than the old if we aren't willing to first take the old ones off.

We can nurture our ability to embrace change by simply trying new things. Maybe try a new recipe for dinner. Try a new restaurant instead of the comfortable one you always visit. Dig a different outfit from the back of your closet. Get to your destination by taking a different path than usual. YES, changes this small start to add up in a BIG WAY.

Anything to 'shake up' your day-to-day choices will get you more comfortable with change and make the bigger changes easier to incorporate and stick to.

We owe it to ourselves to allow for growth, to open to new possibilities. The old is comfortable but the new is, well, new. It can bring growth, expansion, health, joy.

So as you decide what to eat for dinner or which direction you'll take to get home, remember today is a perfect time to take action and 'shake things up.' 

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