Autumn does what in my body?

Sep 23, 2021
guilt, grief, control issues, fall, autumn

Did you know your body’s health is intimately linked to the seasons? We can use this fact to support ourselves, to find the boost we need to move through our health challenges


Have you ever had an old injury that got aggravated when moving into a new season? Or a health issue that flared or relapsed? Or a sudden improvement in your health around a season change? If so, you were feeling season energy affecting you.

We just passed the autumnal equinox this week, though the new season energy has been filtering in already for a couple of weeks. What are some emotions that indicate autumn energy? Grief, guilt, shame, control, fear, letting go, acceptance. When these feelings come up, rest assured you are being pushed to explore what your body is carrying.

What my body is carrying? Where did it come from?

It’s important to remember our difficult moments are arising in order for us to release old energy that no longer serves us. Emotional experiences, thoughts, belief systems…these all can get stuck in the body, blocking normal communication and function. 

Let’s understand through an example. Perhaps you suffered a loss of a dear family pet in your childhood. If you didn’t have a way to express your grief over this loss, it could still be tied up in your body. That’s right, in your organs, muscles, cells and more. 

Perhaps crying was not OK in your home or seen as a sign of weakness, perhaps your life was so busy you weren’t able to take the time to process your emotions, perhaps you were given a new pet immediately to help avoid/distract you from your feelings. 

All these situations can cause grief to find it’s way into your body. Lungs, large intestine, skin, muscles, diaphragm, nervous system. Once there, this stored emotional energy can block your body’s normal function

Not usually in a big way, but in a little way. But just as the straw that breaks the camel’s back, these stored energies accumulate and become a big deal when weaknesses start to appear. Your nervous system communication is disrupted (think vagus nerve). Your body’s normal innate healing ability is derailed. The organs begin to function less efficiently because of the stress they carry. 

All this sets the stage for dis-ease on the physical level.

The disruptions to the physical body are real. The good news? We can repair these issues by letting go of the disruptive energy, restoring communication of the innate ability to heal, and repairing physical body functions. 

This is the ladder of connection: how we can improve the physical by working on the body’s energy

Your body really wants to heal. It’s pretty amazing to see in practice.

It really wants to move forward. It just needs some roadblocks moved. It just needs some circuits restored. 

We can all heal. 

Never lose faith in your body’s innate ability to heal

And if you feel you are not there, get help. Hit reply and let’s kick around ideas to get your health back on track. Restore your faith in your body because that is the only way back to vibrant, lasting health.

True healing. It is always available.

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