Access Your Creative Power

Aug 08, 2021

The birds were quiet on a cold winter day last year. I was feeling ready to step into newness in my life. In the stillness, I was feeling the pull of hearing my next step. It was an honor to work toward a goal I had been envisioning for so long. As the pieces fell into place, I realized I was receiving something different, something new, something life changing. In each breath, I could feel a different energy coming, ready to plunge into a new chapter. And so it began.

The focus of my thought on this cold day was the inability to get unstuck. How could others around me step through their day-to-day life without a care in the world while I slogged through layer upon layer of my past? This indeed is a mind trap, but more on that later… As I made a choice to explore my thoughts more deeply (and my life), it occurred to me perhaps I was doing too much exploring and not enough living. 

Have you heard that term ‘paralysis by analysis?’ This can happen to us, easily in fact, when we begin dissecting every thought, every feeling, every event, every action. Yes, we need to recognize the trappings of our past, the programming of our thoughts, the bent perceptions of our senses. This awareness can indeed help us choose healthier options and paths. But what if the awareness causes us to feel out of control, powerless, like a victim of our past? What does that accomplish? Nothing, in fact, except for possibly a step or two backwards.

You see, we need to take creative responsibility for our life if we hope to make it what we wish. More abundance, joy, love, stability. What do you want more of? Once you can connect with the power in existence within you, you can take responsibility for the events that come into your life. And that means you can begin creating more of what you want.

But what’s the first step? How do I find the path from feeling stuck and powerless to feeling I can create anything I desire? First, recognize the thoughts running through your mind are but a sliver of you. They are simply projections caused by your past. And as such, they are outdated. They were created at a time when you were in a different place. They no longer serve you. Recognize these thoughts and feelings and honor them, give them permission to be with you. Second, realize this programming, this old part of you is not you. It is not in charge, has no authority, it is not stuck. Yes, the mind can run away with thoughts but the mind can also pull those thoughts back, time and time again, if that is needed. Remind yourself of this often. Finally, focus your sights on what you want. What is your desire, your vision, your goal? Find these in the sea of opportunity and set your sites on it.

Getting unstuck, creating more of what we want requires us to leave the old, resistant part of us behind and embrace our creative potential to bring what we want into our lives. We all have this ability, all the time. I invite you to consider this fresh viewpoint. Let’s find a way to welcome change!

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