How You Think About This Can Change Everything

Nov 10, 2021

Your body knows how to heal

Bear with me for just a minute…

Let’s start with a quick fact.

When you cut your finger, your body knows how to heal. Immune cells, repair cells, circulation, wounded cell cleanup…there is a lot that happens and we don’t have to get involved. It automagically happens (don’t you love that word?!). I call this our innate wisdom. 

Let’s own this for a moment.

Reboot #1:

Your body knows how to heal. Let that sink in. Really sink in.

It knows how to detox your liver…how to kill Lyme and Strep bacteria…how to repair your inflamed gut wall…how to conquer your constipation or diarrhea…how to calm your overdriven adrenals, immune system, inflammation…how to improve your mood, anxiety and brain chemistry. You get the point, right?

Your body is unbelievably intelligent.

So why isn’t it vibrantly healthy? Why do you have symptoms?

Because this innate wisdom gets side tracked, disturbed, blocked, derailed. It just needs some help to get back on track

Your body is not hopelessly lost, it has just wandered a little off the path of empowerment, know-how and connection.

I felt my body was broken and hopelessly lost, that it needed all kinds of fixing to get well. But this sucked my power to zero in an instant. I understand you may feel this way. But I’m living proof these thoughts aren’t true

Make no mistake, your body knows how to heal. Yes, it might need some assistance from practitioners, supplements, medications, therapies. But it knows the path forward!

It knows every step that needs to be taken, and in what order, to unravel it all. To reclaim your wellness.

All we need to know is how to listen to the body’s wisdom.  

Our world gives us the message that our bodies are not able to be well, stay well or get well…without interventions. There is a medication, surgery, treatment for just about everything. Or even more to the point, a medication, surgery or treatment that will prevent harm ‘down the road.’

What happened to the viewpoint that our bodies are intelligent beings that can often heal themselves and keep us well?

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the wonders of western medicine when needed. Significant infection: I’m very thankful for antibiotics. Injuries that require surgeries to retain limbs, amazing! Life threatening situations with the body that require immediate attention: we are so blessed to have western medicine to extend our lives, limit our pain, and improve our quality of life. 

But Western medicine doesn’t have great answers for chronic, lower-grade illness.

Chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, chronic infections such as Strep, Lyme, Epstein Barr, Herpes and more. Chronic pain, never-ending trauma, immune dysfunction and more. 

For these types of illness, if we want to find the healing we deserve, we must unblock the body’s natural healing ability. 

Reboot #2:

Your body is your partner. Nothing/no one else has been with you from that first breath and will be until the very last one. But frequently we view our body as simply a collection of cells. Instead, I invite you to think of your body as a trusted friend. 

Invite it to tea. Give it a massage when it is tired. Offer it nourishing replenishment when it is low on energy. Be there to support it with rest when it feels overwhelmed. Treating our body in this way-just as you would a dear friend-will begin to feed positive energy of support, reverence and love between your mind and your body.

I believe our body is always striving for wellness. If the body is not able to get well, then this natural, normal state of self-repair has been blocked and needs attention. Once we restore this ability, it’s almost magical. Answers appear, solutions appear, wellness appears. 

What is blocking your body? What is keeping it from healing?

Your body wants you to partner with it, to help it discover the freedom to live your life fully, focused on something other than health problems. 

Your body deserves it. You deserve it.

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