We all know in order for a patient to fully heal, there has to be whole system healing - their body and their energetic body too. 

It's hard to find an energy healer that gets measureable clinical results. There are so many people using different tools. You have to find one you trust.

Integrative care improves patient outcomes and extends lives. But you have to find a practitioner who compliments your medical care.


Are you...

- Passionate about helping your patients conquer their chronic health symptoms?

- Eager to embrace cutting-edge solutions that get results?

- Searching for a way to provide more value to your patients?

-Determined to provide convenient, affordable options your patients will actually use?

I want to be your energy medicine provider.




I've completed thousands of Biofield Therapy sessions with clients all over the world, working on everything from infections to chronic pain to cancer support to fatigue to digestive woes. I've likely worked with your patients' symptoms.


Chronic pain gone, arrythmias stopped, recovered physical function following TBI, better stability in newly recovering addiction, stopped panic attacks following heart attack, improvement in treatment resistant infections, better tolerance to therapies...real results.


Practitioners deserve tools that work, that are accessible, that don't require a ton of training or extra appointment time. Patients deserve healing that helps your medical care deliver results that last. Even with your hardest-to-treat patients.


With my proven digital delivery methods, receive healing anywhere, anytime. Empower your patients with self-help tools they can use 24/7/365. Even at 2am. No third-party appointments.

But don't take my word for it, try it for yourself!

Interview me and I will explain how you can easily and quickly boost your patient outcomes. And I'll provide a session uniquely selected for you so you can see what it's all about.

Adding expert energy medicine to your patients' care is truly quick and easy. I'm excited to share how.

Why my provider partners love it...

I have had the privilege of working with Sarah both personally and professionally. Since working with Sarah, I have noticed lasting improvement in my health and vitality. I have incorporated energy healing into my self - care routine, and I think is a phenomenal way to continue the healing journey and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My patients love her and I highly recommend working with Sarah."

Melissa Delgado, MD

"As a provider, I have been using Sarah's sessions for people suffering from substance use disorder and various mental health issues. She has even recorded special sessions focused on individualized aspects of recovery and healing for us.

Her sessions have been instrumental in overcoming obstacles and fears in early recovery. I have seen such a difference, and my clients feel it!  With Sarah's help, they are transforming their lives and living fuller lives.  I can't thank Sarah enough for sharing her special talents with us and for showing such compassion to a population that is very often underserved." 

Peer Recovery Support Specialist

What can your patients expect?

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