Your toothache is connected to what?

Oct 19, 2022

I am never sure what to expect in mini energy reading and healing sessions but it’s always a treat!

The caller introduced herself, mentioned she might be fighting off a cold, and might be having difficulty with the change in seasons. As I tuned in, I was immediately drawn to heaviness in her head – energy congestion, not mucous congestion.

I then was led to the large intestine energy where I spent most of our ten minute session. I balanced the microbiome and a few other things. I wrapped up the session and asked if she had any questions. She then shared three teeth routinely bother her. She said she goes to the dentist to get them checked but all seems normal. She is stumped.

By the way, did you know each tooth connects to an energy meridian? I quickly consulted a tooth meridian chart and looked up the bothersome teeth. Imagine my surprise, but not surprise, when those teeth happened to align with the large intestine meridian!

Can you see the beauty in the body and its wisdom?

By intuitively listening and reading her body, I was able to pick up on an imbalance I may not have considered with my intellectual mind.

The beauty of working with energy in a holistic way allows the root cause to come forward to be healed. Not the inflamed nerve in the tooth or inflammation in the gum or any other cause of her toothache, but the root cause. The imbalance that is allowing the dysfunction in the first place.

Remember we can apply this anywhere in the body: the immune system to prevent inflammatory diseases, the cardiovascular system to prevent heart disease, the musculoskeletal system to prevent joint pain and degeneration.

But wait a sec, how can the tooth and intestines really influence each other, you may ask? 

It all goes back to systems theory.

Your body and all its components (organs, glands, muscles, nerves, bones…) are one giant system called YOU. If you injured your foot, it would affect all of you. Your posture, your ability to move, your connection to the ground, your circulation, and more would be affected.

This is even more obvious when we talk about an organ or system in the body – every function within the body affects something else. There is no way to look at the body in isolation – separate from the mind and energy.

And so, your stressful day at work affects your immune system, cardiovascular system, digestion, microbiome, and nervous system. All these relationships are proven by medical research. Yup. The mind affects the body and the body affects the mind, clearly proven by randomized clinical trials.

So the next time you have a physical symptom, ask yourself what might be contributing to it. And if it does not resolve no matter what you try, let’s chat. Your body is trying to tell you something.


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