Your healthcare should include ALL of you

Oct 12, 2022

I was in the doctor’s office, this time not as the practitioner but as the patient. “So, what line of work are you in?” the doctor asked. I’ve tried tons of ways of answering this question over the years but have settled on something simple but true. “I’m in natural healing and work with the mind and body to help people get better” I replied, as I waited to see what her response would be.

It was positive and in the ensuing conversation, I shared I had an opportunity to talk to a group of doctors about the mind-body relationship and energy healing. She said that would be great to host at their practice too in their lunch educational meetings.

Wow! Openness to have this dialogue!

Especially in the natural healing world, we hear stories of animosity, threatened egos, and the threat of being censored. Rarely do we hear about doctors open to hearing about other approaches.

Here was an MD interested in holistic solutions, something she likely has barely heard of.

I had the amazing opportunity last month to speak to a group of first year residents (medical doctors in training) about energy medicine and using it to heal treatment resistant chronic illness. It was an amazing experience! The information was well-received and in fact, two of the residents asked highly engaging questions – they wanted to go deeper.

Folks, this is the future of medicine. And it might not be as dire as some say.

With the increase in chronic illness, the desire of people to get better, the growing awareness of the natural wellness world, I believe we (holistic clients and practitioners) have an opportunity to start a dialogue with healthcare practitioners - doctors, nurses, and therapists.

To introduce ways to help patients when nothing else is working. To give these doctors tools or education because they have almost no training in stress, diet, mindset, trauma, and other lifestyle factors that affect health. By sharing what has worked for you and resources you know about.

Trust me, doctors don’t like to say “I don’t have anything else to recommend” or “I can’t help you any further” when their tools aren’t helping someone. Who would?

It’s time to start pushing for more from our healthcare. If we start the conversation, you never know where it may end up. Perhaps we could change the world!

I’d love to hear your stories of open mindedness, acceptance, or “whatever works for you, do it” with your medical practitioners. Do you have one? I’d love to hear it.


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