what is your priority?

Jun 01, 2022

What does it mean to put yourself first?

Let’s do a little pop quiz!

1  When I put myself first/take time for just me, I feel ____

Selfish, nourished, guilty, anxious, fulfilled, other?

2  In the first 1 to 2 hours upon waking, I focus on _____

Kids, pets, work, house, meal prep for others, my needs

3  Where do your needs fall in the priority ladder in your head?

First, last, somewhere in the middle


Most of us who have descended into chronic health issues have a significant problem prioritizing our needs. In many clients, I find this is a significant issue blocking health. 

Perhaps it’s the nature of chronic illness or the nature of our personalities as earth element folks or as healers...

One thing is clear. We must find a way to meet our needs so we can meet the needs of everyone else.

It truly is like the oxygen mask. If you don’t put it on first, you’re going to crash and burn, and then no one will have oxygen.

This is not a matter of being selfish, overindulgent, or taking resources so others have none. None of those are true, not even a tiny bit, and we need to see them as falsehoods.

You know all this and yet, maybe you still have trouble prioritizing your needs.

You have a high-need child(ren) or a demanding partner or the need to cook special meals or other endless lists of tasks demanded of you each and every day.

Let’s make a deal. Just give this one simple thing a go for me. Will you just try?

You may not find success, but you very well might. And it’s worth a shot.

Find just 5 minutes each morning when you wake up to focus on you. 

Make a cup of tea and listen to the birds as you sip it (turn your phone off). 


Lock your bathroom door and sit down and just take five minutes. Moms-this one’s for you.


Journal for five minutes, not thinking, but rather just letting words flow onto the page. Write what comes to you. Don’t think.

Just five minutes. Focused on you. Within the first 1 to 2 hours of waking.

Tell your family you only want to be interrupted for blood or fire. Seek the support of your partner to help you find this short five minutes.

We can all find five minutes. If we are willing to make it a priority.

If you could make yourself a priority for just five minutes each and every day for one month, I can promise your mind will work differently at the end. You will more easily be able to put yourself first.

The universe LOVES action. Take this inspired action and tell me what changes in your life.

And if you just can’t make time for five minutes, hit reply and let’s connect. I can help you get there. 

You’re worth it. Your health is worth it. Your family is worth it. 

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