What is right for me?

Jul 30, 2021

I am frequently asked for my opinion on illness and vaccines. I would love to share how I approach these experiences in my own life to move forward.

Let’s start by clearly stating I believe there is no right or wrong, no one path for every person. There is no way I can tell you what is right for you (nor can anyone else). But what I can help you do is find clarity for yourself to make the decisions that will best serve where you are right now.

Let’s first look at the big picture. The pandemic (or any flu season or illness) is creating an amazing opportunity to work through fear of all kinds, in particular fear of illness, fear of the environment being dangerous, and fear of being unprotected. I invite you to consider what thoughts are relevant for you and allow them to come to your awareness. Knowing about a thought allows us to recognize and then release it, which equals healing.

So first, ask yourself, what thoughts have been flowing through your head about your health and wellness? Take an inventory. Use these as a starting point:

  • Are you finding yourself afraid to touch surfaces in public places? 
  • Do you doubt your body can protect you if you are exposed (virus, bacteria, fungi, etc.)? 
  • Are you feeling frustrated your health isn’t where you want it to be? 
  • Are you feeling afraid of vaccines and being told what to do with your body? 
  • Are you feeling afraid of others who are unvaccinated?
  • Are you feeling afraid of side effects of vaccines, either that you had or feel pressured to have?


You can see these thoughts can be varied, wide, and around any topic. Invite your mind to allow subconscious thoughts to bubble up, that may be hiding from your conscious awareness. Connect with your thoughts, your stories, about life, about the world, about your body.


If you have difficulty with this, get in a quiet state, perhaps before you go to bed or right after you awake. And bring to mind an invitation to allow these thoughts to come to your awareness. Then listen and wait for a minute or two. Imagine you are opening to listen to a friend’s response to a question. If you get nothing, try again another time. Be on the lookout for answers to come, maybe through a dream, a recollection of a memory, maybe listening to someone else and realizing “I feel that way too.”


Now that you have a connection with some of your thoughts, it’s time to recognize them. This is simple and just requires you to acknowledge they exist. Don’t try to talk yourself out of them, rationalize or distract. Just acknowledge and honor these feelings. Connect with any emotions. 


If you want to ‘go for the gold,’ invite any past memories or stories to come up. Perhaps repeat illness in your childhood, the loss of a loved one to a communicable illness (or an ancestor), perhaps a time when your body wasn’t strong enough and needed medical assistance to fight off an illness, perhaps others feeling your health was weak and needed to be protected from every day life. Invite anything relevant to come to your awareness and be recognized.


Now, give it all a big huge permission to leave! See it flying away, melting away, whatever feels right for you. See these thoughts and the origins of them being released. See you finding freedom from them. Recognize these thoughts are just conditioning from past experiences and are not truth. They are coloring your perceptions of life around you. Allow them to be released.


Finally, embrace the positive even if you don’t believe it. Affirmations and visualizations are my favorite way to bring in new, desired feelings and thoughts. Some examples to get you started:

  • My body keeps me safe. 
  • I am protected. 
  • My body is strong and can keep me well. 

Anything that feels right to you. Repeat or visualize your body being strong a couple times per day, or more. Even if you don’t believe it, your subconscious mind will begin owning these thoughts. It’s truly magic!

As you embrace your desired state of feeling safe and protected, clarity will begin to filter through your mind. Clarity is the place from which we want to make our decisions. Being in our center, aligned with our truth. We are the only ones who can make the right decisions for ourselves.


If you are desperately afraid of the vaccine and have it, you are more likely for ill effect. If you are desperately afraid of becoming sick from COVID and catch it, you are more likely for ill effect. The secret is to find freedom from fear, get aligned with your center, and make decisions from that place of clarity.


I invite you to try this process of recognizing/connecting, allowing, and releasing. Then, from a place of centered clarity, make decisions. You will find a solid trust in your path forward. For you will always know a way to discover what is right for you in each and every moment.

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