5 Tips when making major health decisions

Nov 10, 2022

Conflicting advice. One of the hardest things to encounter when trying to make a major health decision. This is the case for my family member as he grapples with the ‘right’ decision when doctors don’t agree.

When your long-term health is on the line, or the health of your loved ones, the stakes are high. It’s a confusing and nerve-wracking place to be and can easily provoke worry or anxiety.

As I spoke with him, I was reminded of a few important things.

Our medical system is based on statistics. This is because health insurance won’t pay for it if it hasn’t been proven. The problem? Common sense and ‘what makes sense for you’ can sometimes be lost by the wayside. The other major issue is fear of liability. I doubt a court would ever convict a doctor of malpractice for over-treating. But what if a more conservative approach was actually in your best interest as you worked to heal in a different way?

Our medical system is not holistically focused. A diabetic patient, when asking her doc about avoiding sugar, was told “you won’t do it even if I tell you.” Ouch! There are many patients who won’t change their lifestyle habits to support their health but some of us would. Doctors have little education about the power of diet, stress, toxin exposure, and sleep on health. And few resources (or time) to help patients in these areas.

Some doctors get offended when you ask questions or say you want to do something different than their recommendation. They take it personally and feel you are being disrespectful.

So how do you approach major decisions? Follow these tips to make decisions from a place of alignment with yourself, addressing your holistic health and well-being.

  1. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. If a proposed treatment plan doesn’t feel right, delay. Learn more. Get another opinion. This is your intuition telling you this may not be the right path for you. That unease you feel is not ‘nothing,’ it is something valuable – a message from your higher self to get more information.
  2. Value yourself. Yes, doctors know more about the body and treatments than we do. But we know our bodies, our situations, and what we value. If someone has terminal cancer and could live two years longer with treatment but be sick most of the time vs living 6 months without treatment, which would you choose? Neither choice is wrong.
  3. Empower yourself with knowledge. Take charge. Seek information. Read research papers to find the true facts. Find holistic treatment options and see if they feel good to you. Understand medical options available to you. Knowledge is power and will help you make an informed decision.
  4. Don’t feel pressured. Being pressured into making a decision is fear-based. Making major decisions from a place of fear is a lose-lose. If you are being pressured into a decision you are not comfortable with, let warning lights flash to get your attention. A doctor that is truly interested in supporting your health will not pressure you into making a decision that causes discomfort. They should rather ask what other information you need to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, they don’t always have time for this, hence why #3 above is so important-empowering yourself with knowledge.
  5. There is never just one right path. The entire world is composed of ‘shades of grey’ decisions. Everything is a spectrum without a right or wrong answer. Always remember you are looking for the answers that best meet your needs, desires, and values. Not the one right path. Because that just doesn’t always exist.

Trusting yourself, being open to guidance, feeling worthy of health, feeling healing is possible are all big energetic blocks to being able to find clarity in these big decision moments. Energy healing is perfectly suited to helping you gain clarity when this feels blocked. If you are grappling with decisions and can’t seem to find the right answers for you, let’s connect. There is much we can do to support you so you can feel clarity, confidence, and empowerment to live your best life.

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