Timeless Words of Wisdom From Above

Jun 28, 2023
words of wisdom from above woman reading page of spiritual wisdom

Monthly office cleaning means monthly desk decluttering. I’m normally tidy and organized but one place on my desk tends to become a pile. And so, I was decluttering a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon a piece of paper with my handwriting. I read it and remembered receiving the words while meditating to receive guidance months ago.

I read the text and felt the energy of each word. Such solid, grounded guidance, of ideas I balance in sessions with clients, but don’t always remember for myself. 🙄 I reread it a few times, then tucked it into my planner.

A few weeks later, while on a trip, I let my husband read the words and he was deeply moved. It provoked a philosophical discussion about conscious awareness and awakening….

And so, today, I share these words with you, with the intention that you can be a bit more present, a bit more confident, that focus on yesterday (judgement) or tomorrow (worry) ebbs and stops wasting your energy, and moves you toward inspired action.

Before you read, take a second to open to receive:

Clear your mind. Take a few deep breaths. Bring your focus into your body. Put a hand on your heart and one on your belly if it helps connect more deeply with your body. As your mind becomes quiet, open to receive.

“Surrender. Flow. Learn. Own. Truth. Now. Now. Now. For today is the first step to the remainder. Today is the opportunity before you. Today is your chance to embrace a different path. Today. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. But today. Own your power. Do not focus on lack. Focus on your skills, wisdom, gifts, or which there are plenty.

The right opportunities will come in the right timing. Courage trickles and shines through you like a crystal. Imbued with courage. Strength. Flow.”

These words were shared with me from a source larger than myself. Perhaps my higher self, though I doubt it. Likely, my healing team that assists in my healing work.

These words are timeless, applicable to all of us, nearly all the time. Because our day-to-day physical experience tends to pull us from alignment with our divinity. Our power is immense if we can just open to connect with it.

May you move toward your highest expression with ease and grace, today and every day. 🙏

And if this feels stuck for you, let's chat. You deserve freedom.

Sarah Lascano is a Master Biofield Therapist, energy medicine practitioner, spiritual healer and best-selling author. It is her passion to help people all over the world recover their health and reclaim their lives, even when nothing else is working. Learn more here.

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