The Prism of Creation

Jan 05, 2022

When I first heard the phrase ‘the world around us is our mirror’ it kind of irritated me. I didn’t understand the term but I also wanted full control over what happened in my life. This makes me laugh now on multiple levels, but back then it wasn’t very funny. 

This is an amazingly empowering universal truth.

What exactly does this mean? Let’s dig in because the sooner we fully grasp it, the more ease and synchronicity can flow into our life. And I’m betting we’d all love to welcome more of that.

We are here, living this life, for specific reasons: for our soul to grow and to help make the world a better place (to help other souls grow). Soul growth. Pure and simple.

Just after birth, we are one with everything around us. We are open, present. We are sensory beings living in the present moment of hunger/satiation, warmth/cold, love/loneliness.

As we make our way through childhood, this changes and we learn ‘the right way’ to move through life, usually involving using our mind to control or judge our impulses. Whether emotional or physical, we learn different ways of coping with the world around us

Not expressing our emotions, isolating/going inside/hiding our true self, not knowing how to cope and therefore pushing emotion into our body (chronic stomach aches), not speaking up for fear of rejection, not taking risks because of fear of failure…the ways are endless, these are but a few examples.

And by the time we are 6 or 7 years old, 80% of the way we view the world is set into our subconscious mind. If you watch children, it is easy to understand this staggering number: children learn through observing those around them. They imitate freely, the good and the bad, and pick up words, mannerisms and thoughts that never are ‘taught.’ And so sets the stage for our ‘subconscious programming.’

By the time we are a young adult, we have many patterns and thoughts, most subconscious, that we are not aware of, that we did not consciously choose, and that we are not sure how to access.

I call these filters.

Beliefs, thoughts, emotions, ways of reacting, ways of viewing the world, interpretations of interactions between people…these are all subjective and vary greatly based on our past.

You can think of these filters as our personality.

But here’s the thing.

These filters govern the way we experience our life. They govern our health. They govern our abundance. And our soul wants to heal the ones that are not serving us.

Let’s take a simple example of “my body is not strong and healthy.”

How can this subconscious belief be healed? First, we must become aware of it. Second, we must consciously choose to deny it (believe that it’s false). Third, we must align our thought habits and actions to a new belief. 

How does our body take this first step? By attracting situations that make us feel unhealthy so we can ‘work though’ the situation and get to the other side. This is the ‘mirror’ effect. What we need to heal, we will attract.

This is the path of healing.

Let’s take this one step further. The filters, beliefs, past we carry within us are like a prism. Our creative power comes through these filters, this prism, and creates our reality, designed to heal whatever we are carrying that is not serving us.

If we don’t realize what is happening, the lessons repeat, getting louder and louder each time, until we ‘hear’ them. If we work through these filters and lessons, they can dissolve, leaving ‘I am healthy’ for instance, in their place.

This is how we consciously create.

Many of our physical and mental ailments are designed to help us take these steps to clarify our prism of creation. Left unhealed, these start to impact our physical body and start resulting in dis-ease.

So, I invite you to start seeing some of these dynamics in your life and give permission for these filters to be released, cleansed and clarified to allow your growth and healing. 

And if you are ready to heal filters with ease and speed that are not serving you or that are affecting your physical health, let’s chat.

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