The Pillars of Extraordinary Healing

Mar 26, 2022

In the early years of my business, my energy medicine practice was full of clients who were unwell, despite expert holistic medical care. They just weren’t getting better.

This training taught me one important thing: there is always hope for healing.

Even when doctors say there is no path to healing.

Even when society says there are no solutions.

Even when our mind can’t visualize health.

You see, this is my passion. My mission. To empower your health, even if you’ve been unable to find progress.

Do you know someone who has chronic Lyme and can’t find relief? Chronic strep or sinus infections that require antibiotic treatment multiple times per year? Or chronic pain that doesn’t get better with varied treatments? Or a scary medical diagnosis?

And my guess is these situations are marked as ‘incurable.’ Treat the symptoms and hope for the best. ­čĄ×

Well, I’m here to tell you there is a better way.

How can my work help situations like this? What makes me different? A simple three-pronged strategy.

  1.   Listen to the Body (a.k.a. medical intuition). I focus on unblocking the body’s ability to heal itself. I trust the body is intelligent. I surrender my ego and let the body show me what it needs to get to health. And the results speak for themselves. I don’t need to know the answers, the body does. I’m an expert listener.
  2.   Heart Centered Healing. My work leverages heart energy: compassion and serving others. This energy is the highest frequency of energy we can leverage in the human body, much higher than healing led by ego, power or control. And I’ve been the patient when there were no answers to health struggles, so I intimately know what confusion, lack of answers, and frustration feel like.
  3.   Spiritual Healing. In every session, I call in a powerful team of spiritual healers to work alongside me. Often these are beings with training in the human body, mind or energy system. And often loved ones in spirit. This allows knowledge and wisdom, beyond western science, to aid healing in an ‘out of this world’ way. Ultimate healing power.

The results speak for themselves…

Healed monthly chronic strep infections requiring antibiotics. Healed PANDAS. Healed chronic sinus infections. And countless other stories of improved vision, healed chronic pain, healed trauma, clean cancer scans, regained vitality and the ability to move forward…ending draining relationships, cutting off energy bullies, breaking free of cult-type energy, and more.

You see, when the healer surrenders to let the body guide the way, the sky is the limit in terms of healing. And when we heal the root cause, the issues don’t come back. They are gone for good.

Are you ready to welcome results like these? If you’re dealing with chronic health issues, mental, emotional or physical, I invite you to connect.

You deserve to focus your energy and resources on something other than your health. It’s time to start living your best life.

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