The Ladder To Step Up

Sep 16, 2021
guilt, grief, control issues

When big emotions get triggered, it is often our frame of mind to feel we are the only ones who struggle. "Something must be wrong with me to have so much to deal with," we say to ourselves. Or "I must be missing the boat."

And if we are working on mastering our mind, our mindset, our thoughts and beliefs, we can feel that we are failing. Sound familiar? This is a common feeling so don't feel alone, but rest assured it is not true.

As a matter of fact, big emotions are surfacing in my clients and myself in the last couple of weeks. Have you felt it in your life? This is a time for great change and springing forward in our growth.

We are in the pause between seasons, governed by earth in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This pause allows us to spring. Autumn energy is coming and with it, a movement of lung and large intestine energies. What does this mean to you? Don’t be surprised if you feel grief, guilt, fear, sadness, or control issues coming up in your life.

Guilt has recently been front and center in my clients and family. 

Are you feeling obligated, pressured or pulled to put someone else’s needs first? Just when you feel your needs demand your focus to move forward? Are you feeling situations that try to prevent you from living your authentic truth? That try to keep you from your desires and goals? This pull and push often is rooted in guilt.

Guilt can travel through our families and we, as conscious beings, as awakening beings, are allowing it to be healed through our life's experiences. If we recognize, allow, and process these emotions, the buck stops with us. There will be no need for this emotional/mental/energetic thread to continue to travel forward, through us.

Isn’t that awesome? Powerful? Liberating? I think so!

This is not pressure, but rather it is power. By simply focusing on our own thoughts and feelings, and coming back to our alignment with our truth, we can heal our baggage and stop the lower vibe energies from continuing to move through ourselves and our families.

In these turbulent moments, keep these four steps in mind:

  1. Keep your ground. Don’t let the difficult moments, the triggering, sweep you away. Come back to who you know yourself to be. Come back to your truth, to your center. Ground in the moment. A few deep breaths, a quick walk outside, a grounding visualization, whatever works for you, to get you back in your body and in the present moment.
  2. Recognize. These moments are our teachers. Just connect and see the strong emotion. Feel it. Recognize it is connected to something in your past or your family’s past.  It is just an energy within you, it is not you.
  3. Allow. There is no need to fight it, think it away, or distract yourself. Just allow the emotion and know it is there for healing, not because you did something wrong.
  4. Release. Give permission for this old thought paradigm, this old emotion, this old world-view to leave. It no longer serves you. Your triggering, your discomfort is a sign your energy has risen higher than this old way of being. As your vibration increases with more joy, safety, abundance, these old paradigms must leave. They cannot stay. Realize this dynamic and let it go to create space to step into newness, to step into health, to step into joy.

These difficult moments of triggering are like flash lights, highlighting what is ready to fly away. If we can work with these moments, they will leave us lighter with more space for abundance of all kinds. 

Letting guilt and grief go will directly improve your health, specifically the health of your lungs and large intestine. Better movement, better absorption, less sensitivity.

Embrace these difficult moments as stepping stones in your healing journey, for they will lead you to the abundance you dream of.

And if you feel stuck, unable to move through this process on your own, reach out and let’s connect. I’m here to support your growth and healing. ❤️ 

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