The Complexity of Physical Symptoms

Jan 12, 2022

My hands were hot, swollen and intensely itchy with blisters. I rolled out of bed for the second time that night to try to soothe them with essential oils and shea butter and anything else that might bring some cooling relief so I could sleep. I placed them against the cold tile in my bathroom for a few moments of sweet relief.

In amusement, I realized my Fitbit would think I was awake for the night. I kinda was!

With all my skills and knowledge and openness to conquering my old baggage, why was I again dealing with dyshidrotic eczema on my hands?

I put my detective hat on and realized there were foods making it worse and a mold exposure that kicked it all off. These items definitely needed to be addressed.

Now it was time to get to the root of the matter. Why was it here in the first place? Physical symptoms have an energetic root cause, which is what energy medicine focuses upon to find lasting healing. And I really didn’t want to have this return again. 😫

Next, I put on my surrender/intuition hat. My ‘how can I find what is causing this’ hat. So I tuned into my body and intuition.

First, I realized my hands were affected. Hands relate to the heart. And obviously this was about heat. Lots of heat. I could easily feel heat rising off my hands. In a past occurrence, I literally would plunge my hands into cold water to quell the itchy heat.

Heat is inflammation, overactive immune system, stored emotion, stress. Heat is common in the heart in our society, many of us have stress here that adds to heart risk factors and heart disease.

I’ve long been aware of bitterness in the heart in the female line in my family, going back at least three generations. I’ve worked with it in myself and other family members. But more was obviously coming up to be recognized and released. 

This bitterness energy blocks joy. And joy, pure and simple, is what we need to elevate our energy past physical symptoms and dis-ease (alongside love and compassion).

I’ve worked with this with myself but often we have subconscious pockets of energy stored in our bodies, in the patterns that control how we view the world. This is part of being human. This is part of forging out way through our childhoods.

But there comes a time when these energies and patterns must leave, if we are to step up into our next higher level, a higher vibe, and live our soul’s true potential.

And to be free of our physical symptoms. I’m certainly on that mission with my hands. 😊

Remember a universal truth: symptoms are the body’s way of communicating with us. Since the body cannot use words, it uses symptoms when it feels stress and needs a change, from either current or older stressors. If we can view our symptoms as messages, it helps!

Back to my hands. There was another step I had missed in the past that wanted to be known. 

My family, like many of my clients’, believed food was one of the safest ways to feel joy. Other types of joy were seen as self-serving, too indulgent, too childish, too idle. Food was always OK. And I realized I have been hanging onto food as a source of joy.

Don’t get me wrong, food can and should be joyful. But there have to be other primary sources of joy. And that’s where my heart and the old energy patterns were stopping me.

My hand eczema was trying to tell me to stop using food to generate joy and find other ways of allowing the heart to open to allow joy to flow into the body (to release that old bitterness that was blocking joy from being allowed in the first place).

This is how energy medicine gets to the root cause of our symptoms and why we have to be ready to go deep in all areas of our life to conquer our health struggles.

This past weekend, I focused on sledding with my kids, watching a movie, and doing my favorite puzzle, with the intent to enjoy myself in these relaxing moments. 

I invite you to find ways to nurture and allow joy in your life. It will amp up healing of all kinds in your physical body. <3

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