The Bright Side of Puking 🤢

Mar 15, 2023

The weekend was busy. Major changes happened on Saturday and Sunday, including relocating a family member. We crammed laundry and grocery shopping around signing a lease, renting a moving truck, and moving! Sunday ended as any other weekend day until a wave of nausea hit me as I was getting my kids to bed.

Nausea is certainly not common for me. I crawled into bed and overnight passed the stages of chills, wish I could vomit, done vomiting, wish I could vomit, wish I could sleep. By morning, I was still not vertical and cancelled clients, stuck in bed with body aches, belly ache, and nausea. A little homeopathy worked wonders and by 5pm I was vertical, checking email. I suddenly received a call from a contractor.

Side story: we purchased an office building last spring. The deck needs to be replaced: it is out of code, unsafe, and needs to be smaller for our parking situation. I have struggled furiously since May to get this project going – each day I almost scrape the AC unit trying to park.

I had a contractor lined up last summer, only to be told after two months of waiting that he was too busy to handle the smaller job. I then found another contractor in October who said December. But the permit process has been slow – county zoning, building permit, and then city permits. Geez! The insanity of it all forced me to REALLY surrender – remember we are replacing an out of code deck and making it smaller!

It was clear to me I couldn’t control the timing of this job. I had tried and tried. I finally gave up. I truly decided whatever happened, it would be OK, and I needed to let go. Deeply. Every couple months, I checked in with the contractor to make sure he hadn’t forgotten about my job or that I wasn’t the hold up.

So back to my illness. My phone rang at 5pm after I was sick all day. It was the contractor saying he got the permits complete and asking if he could come the next morning to start the project. Imagine my surprise! And indeed, he did show up the next morning to start the project.

It’s hard to describe how difficult it is to want something to be different than it is. It is maddening. Irritating. Frustrating. It is, in fact, my definition of suffering. If we can surrender and accept life as it is, we create an open door for it to change. If we are locked in struggle and fight, gripping to our vision of how it should be, there is limited opportunity for change. The universe cannot get in and work it’s magic.

I’m not sure what energy I shifted by vomiting and being sick, but surely something big. Full disclosure, my kid also helped, a shout out to him, because he vomited all day long, poor kid. Gotta give credit where credit is due, LOL. Whatever did, it worked and my construction job is finally moving forward.

The obvious next question: do we have to get sick to shift energy? No, I think we can easily prove we don’t. But when we don’t see the energy block, are not aware of it, or have been unable to shift it, illness can be an incredibly effective way to create change.

You’re probably not gonna love hearing this, but in my experience, vomiting and diarrhea are number one energy movers. Spasming of the body and flushing can really shift big energy. Fever also burns off all sorts of energy. Accidents and injuries loosen big energy from meridian points, bones, and other tissues - always look at the location of your injury to find deeper meaning.

So the next time you are sick or injured, recognize something is shifting within you. Maybe something deep, fundamental, that you don’t even know exists. And it can open the door for the change you’ve been trying to find a way to welcome into your life. Sometimes with amazing ease after lengthy struggle.

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