Want more shut-eye? Become a sleep detective.

May 14, 2024

It started as an innocent question from a client. “I would love any and every support for restoring sleep….sleep is so vital and yet elusive.” Needing sleep and not being able to get the body to cooperate surely generates stress and frustration.

Common sleep disruptors I see in my practice include:

  • Wired but tired: Having difficulty ‘turning off’ to get to sleep when suffering from fatigue, even when clearly exhausted.
  • Unable to stay asleep: Waking and tossing and turning as the body cannot get back to sleep.
  • Discomfort: Being in pain or discomfort hindering the ability to get good rest, either from chronic pain, digestive upset, muscle cramps, or other causes.

Improve Sleep with Energy Healing

Often, night waking happens when the nervous system cannot down regulate into a rest-and-digest mode. Energy healing finds disruptions in the mind, both conscious and subconscious, that keep the mind busy or agitated. As the mind-body-energy system becomes balanced and reduces these disruptions, the mind can quiet and promote relaxation.

If the digestive system is agitated, so too will the mind. A heavy meal right before bed does not prote deep restful sleep. Energy healing can boost digestive health, creating the potential for a calmer mind and deeper relaxation.

Energy healing also releases trauma stored in the body, further agitating the fight or flight system in the brain. As stress leaves the body, the nervous ssytem feels safe and achieves the rest-and-digest mode that allows the body to get into deeper more restful sleep for longer periods of time.

Simple Ways to Improve Sleep

First, become a sleep detective. Create a sleep journal where you note late meals, wake times, and activities before bed to look for trends and disruptors for your system. Consider noting diet, medications, nocturnal bathroom visits, emotional factors, supplements, and stress levels.

Next, use this list to promote sleep higiene that will start getting the body into a better sleep state before you ever put your head on the pillow. simple habits can make a big impact in calming and preparing your body for a restful night's sleep.

Stick to routines. Circadian rhythms control hormone levels in the body, including cortisol and adrenaline, hormones that can keep the body awake. Sticking to the same routine each day can let your body know when it's time to wind down for bed. 

Avoid caffeine. If your body is sensitive to caffeine, even small amounts found in chocolate can affect sleep. Caffeine is added to drinks, energy bars and more. Look for hidden caffeine and limit caffeinated beverages to the morning, or better, eliminate them alltogether.

Avoid screens an hour before bed or use dark mode. Blue light stimulates the brain. Limit screen time if possible, use blue light glasses, or dark mode on your electronic device.

Avoid reading the news or other emotionally charged content for at least one hour before bed. Bedtime is not the time of day to be feeling stress or concern about the state of the world. Do your best to limit any negativity before bed.

Get exercise, even a gentle walk. Exercise has been show to promote restful sleep. One mechanism is lowring cortisol levels. Get moving during the day to help your body unwind at bedtime. Avoid intense exercise in the hour before bed.

Dim the lights. Softer light helps your pineal gland know it's almost sleep time. Before electricity, the body used light to tune into it's daily pattern.

If waking hungry, consider a bedtime snack with protein and fiber to promote balanced blood sugar levels. Blood sugar dips are a common night waker. If your diet includes high sugar, lower protein, or low fiber, consider adding a nighttime snack that will promote blood sugar stability.

In Conclusion

There are simple steps that foster a good night's rest. Use this checklist to boost your sleep naturally. If you cannot find the rest you desire, consult with an experienced energy healer to consider boosting your body's natural healing ability, discharging past stress to promote balance, and find the good night's sleep you deserve. 


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