Want more shut-eye? Become a sleep detective.

Jul 27, 2022

It started as an innocent question from a client...

“I would love any and every support for restoring sleep….sleep is so vital and yet elusive.”

An Elevate member sent me this question for our Q/A session last week.

TRUTH: There is nothing more frustrating than needing sleep and not being able to get it.

During my own health crash and journey to better health, I had my share of sleep problems from all sorts of causes. Having difficulty ‘turning off’ when I was suffering from chronic fatigue and so dearly exhausted…waking and then tossing and turning as I couldn’t get back to sleep for hours…waking at 3am each and every day and being up til it’s time to start the day…roaming the house during pregnancy at all hours looking for a spot that would yield a little more comfort…Yup. I’ve had my share.

And through it all, I’ve learned a few things.

So when the question came up last week in Elevate about sleep, I was ready to share the wisdom I’ve learned from my own health journey and from my work with clients’ sleep problems over the last decade.

We can make big improvements to sleep by working with our mind and body with energy healing. We can stop recurring waking, calm the nervous system so sleep comes more easily, soothe digestion so the body isn’t churning through the night, just to name a few.

Back to last week. Our community healing session was amazing! As it concluded, it was time to answer everyone’s questions, including the question above.

We discussed how to become a sleep detective and the many areas to look at when sleep is disrupted. Sleep can be disturbed by a host of physical issues that can be adjusted fairly easily, by emotional and mental blocks, and more.

If you put on your detective hat and look for patterns in your sleep, you can learn a lot about the causes and therefore how to remedy the situation.

The time you wake, how deeply you are sleeping, if you feel rested, how long you are awake, if there are patterns, what you are feeling in your body…these factors can tell you a lot about what is causing your sleep difficulties and therefore how to fix them.

There is so much we can do…and we talked about it in our Elevate Q/A.

Would you like to become a sleep detective? To learn how to explore what might be keeping you stuck? And to have tools to shift energy to allow your body and mind to heal?

Come join the conversation. You can listen to last week’s Q/A and get your own questions answered when you join Elevate. Learn more here.

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