Four Simple Steps to Create Health and Leave Illness Behind

Aug 30, 2023

I’d heard it before…the body can heal. Then why wasn’t my body healing, I asked myself in frustration?

Why was I still stuck after years of trying everything I could find and think of? Diet, supplements, doctors, alternative healers of many different kinds, chiropractors….what was I missing? 

Unbeknownst to me, I was stuck in a pattern of creating illness instead of health. Whoa, how did that happen? I certainly didn’t consciously choose that and why was it happening?  

My past experiences, my family’s beliefs, my way of viewing the world, and my past lifestyle factors all perfectly set me up for a health crash.

From overexercise (competitive swimming) in my childhood to not enough sleep in my adolescence to an inability to process difficult emotions, these patterns set both my body and mind up for the ultimate crash that happened in my early 30s. 

To climb out of that hole, I had to unwind a lifetime of burnout and emotion. But most importantly, I had to start creating health. 

To do so, I was focusing on all my symptoms and trying to find solutions. As I’ll explain in a moment, this was just creating more of what I did not want

How do we create health? Through both our physical actions and our thoughts. Just as we are a collection of both physical cells and mental and emotional energies, so too are the solutions we must seek.

I’d like to share the anatomy of how to create health. While this list is not exhaustive, if you begin here, you will see improvements in your health.

  • Be worthy of meeting your needs. This is the foundation. If you are not worthy of putting yourself first, your health cannot recover. It’s bold to say this, but if you’re always putting others needs before your own, you’re not owning your power to live the life you want and deserve. Friends, kids, partner, pets…doesn’t matter. I’m here to tell you it’s 100% possible to meet your needs AND others’, even if it doesn't feel possible. Solutions exist to meet everyone’s needs if you’re willing to make yourself a priority.
  • Be worthy of feeling well. Often families and cultures are imbued in suffering, guilt and shame. Put yourself to the test: when you start a conversation with someone and they ask how you are, how do you answer? If you say one of these: I’m surviving, I’m OK, I’d be great if my knees didn’t hurt so much, I’m not sure, consider asking yourself if it’s OK to feel good. Some family members connect with each other by complaining of health issues. This is not going to serve desires of better health! Indeed, it does the opposite, keeps us stuck. If those around you focus on pain and suffering, make a conscious decision to be upbeat and not participate in ‘oh poor you/me’ conversations. This leads directly to number 3.
  • Where your focus goes, your energy goes. Where is your mental energy focused each day? Do you spend hours supporting others in support groups or researching and looking for answers? Do you surround yourself with others who feel unwell? Is much of your time spent in activities trying to get well or dealing with health struggles? These activities all have one thing in common: your energy is focused on health issues. Over time, this creates an identity of illness: your daily activities are dictated by your health. Which means if these activities are all you do, you’ll create more illness. What activities can you add that will focus on something other than health? Playing with kids or grandkids, yoga, a hobby that brings you joy, a gentle walk outside. Something that will help you put your health struggles on the back burner and focus on living and feeling good is optimal. I intuitively heard “Joy is the energy of manifestation.” Think about that for a moment. I know it’s not always easy to access joy when you’re feeling crummy but that’s where your focus needs to go for just a few moments each day.
  • Take inspired action. It’s easy to feel like a victim of your health or body. I know this first-hand and felt this way for years. It’s not your fault when health problems come. But the way forward is to know it’s up to you to take meaningful action. To rebuild and replenish. To decrease stress. To honor your needs. To do what you feel will move your health forward. But you must feel worthy of owning health. And that brings us full circle.

If you start with these foundational steps, solutions will begin to appear in your life that move you forward. And if you try these steps but find you still can’t seem to get traction, let’s put together a plan to help you reclaim your health once and for all.

Sarah Lascano is the founder of RayZen Energy where she is a master biofield therapist, energy medicine practitioner and healer. It is her passion to help people recover their health and reclaim their lives through expert energy medicine and wisdom. Learn more at



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