The Secret to Health Manifestation: Simple 3 Step Process To Use Right Now

Aug 07, 2023

The heart. It’s such a central part of us. We take it for granted when it’s working in balance.

This past weekend, I was supporting a client who was having more irregular heartbeats than usual and feeling them more intensely than usual. Enough to freak anyone out, right?

I’ll disclaim this story by saying this client has been to her doctor many times, has been reassured her heart is OK, and that this is something that is related to anxiety or just her heart’s normal.

Now you and I know we can heal this symptom, but let’s get to the secret of HOW. If your health symptoms are digestive or eczema or low energy or Lyme or brain fog, the process is the exact same.

What did I tell this client, as she was struggling to navigate her symptoms without being overtaken by anxiety?

Before I share my simple three step process, you need to understand one universal law that is the foundation of my process:

Where your focus goes, your energy goes.

This doesn’t mean any negative thought or feeling will pull you down a rabbit hole of despair. But it does mean if you are constantly focusing on how to fix something, how to get rid of it, how to make it go away, you’re more likely than not to continue the symptom.

Whoa!! Who knew? Why is this so?

Because much of your focus is “upon that which you do not want,” to quote Abraham Hicks.

This is something I misunderstood for years! I have two engineering degrees, after all. I’m a trained problem solver. I was trying to solve my health problems by fighting with them. Honestly, that is the energy –fight. And that creates resistance to moving into healing.

If you’re anything like me, you feel the harder you focus, the more things you try, the more you feel the symptom and ‘figure it out,’ the quicker it’ll go away. This is absolutely backwards. !!

In short, focusing on your health symptoms gives them more energy, more power. It’s all you are thinking about. As opposed to what you do want, which if you’re anything like I was, doesn’t even enter your mind.

And, to add a more relatable point, if you are so focused on getting rid of something, you will likely miss solutions that come by because your focus is distracted. I’ve had this happen too…

Even if you way to yourself, “I want to be free of my health symptoms” and then try to figure out how to fix the situation, you are still locked into fighting with the current state of your health not being enough. This cannot attract what you want.

If you say “I want to be free of my health symptoms so I can feel better, appreciate the day, have the freedom to do something other than focus on my health” you’re getting closer. Now, go do it! Even with your health symptoms still being with you. Do it in a way that works for you.

So here are the three quick steps to follow to get back into alignment so that you can start manifesting what you do want: solutions to your health symptoms. Yes, including really big ones.

Step 1: What is it that you most want to feel once you are free of your health symptoms? Freedom? Peace? Strength? Joy? Appreciation? Time with loved ones? What is it for you? Focus on a feeling or emotion, for the highest impact. You can use an image from the past or one of the future in your mind – and then trace that back to the emotion. What emotion is created by that vision?

Step 2: How can you feel that right now? In a way that works for your current situation, how can you feel that emotion right now? Perhaps you just spend a moment visualizing what you want. Perhaps you go take a short walk outside that soothes your mind. Perhaps playing a game with your kids. What is it for you? This is highly personal because it needs to make you feel better.

Step 3: Go do it! Don’t let your day be hijacked by your symptoms. In whatever way is doable for you, distract and focus on living your day for you, not for your unwanted symptoms or health state. Anger creates change. Can you get a little angry at your situation? I’m so tired of this, I’m ready to do anything, I’m done! Harness that energy and then “OK, I’m ready to make a change.” Do it!

There is no shame in distraction, by the way. If it helps you feel better, go for it! Feeling better will allow your focus to shift into what you DO want and therefore you’ll begin to live it.

I always love that saying that doing the same thing every day and expecting a different outcome is insanity. It’s so true because research shows our subconscious mind is replaying the same thoughts every single day. We must change those thoughts if we hope to create a new situation for ourselves.

Something as simple as enjoying a cup of tea and enjoying a sunrise or sunset. Or a short walk around your yard to appreciate the lovely day, the birds singing, and the warm sun can get you feeling better. Maybe it’s getting coffee with a friend to catch up, where you bring your own herbal tea to help your gut but get to enjoy camaraderie and soothe feeling isolated. Maybe it’s going to the pool with your kids and while they play, you sit in the shade and relax so you don’t drain your energy while you get to hear and watch laughter and fun.

Simple or requiring more effort, it does not matter. All that matters is that you are able to access feeling better and not focusing on your unwanted health symptoms.

OK, so you can follow those three simple steps anytime, anywhere. But don't stop there...

You know I’m all about healing the root cause of symptoms. So, the bonus question that I always recommend, to go deep and get insight into why a symptom is there in the first place…

When you feel out of balance, it can be hard to quiet the mind. Follow the steps above until you can feel better. When you can quiet your mind, ask yourself this question to get deeper clarity on what is blocking your progress:

Take a couple of deep breaths and tune into your body. Quiet your mind. You can do this by focusing on your breath for a few moments and placing a hand on the heart and belly. Then, ask your body this all-important question: what do you need me to know/do for this symptom to start to resolve? Open to hear the answer.

This will guide you to your next step if you are struggling to find one…a step based on the present moment – not the future or the past. NOW. What can do right now to help myself?

This clarity may include a health practitioner, a supplement, a therapy to try, a conversation to have, research to do. A next step that can move you forward will appear.

There you have it.

A simple process to use to shift your focus away from where you are and towards what you want.

This is imperative to begin the healing process and start finding solutions. Yes, solutions exist, a bunch of them, in fact! Quantum physics teaches us this. There are infinite ways to heal your health symptoms. It’s time for you to find one. By starting to anchor and live what you DO want.

If you are struggling to make this happen for yourself, let’s chat. There are highly effective ways to quickly shift where you are with the gentle power of energy medicine.

Sarah Lascano is the founder of RayZen Energy where she is a master biofield therapist, energy medicine practitioner and healer. It is her passion to empower people's health and life through healing and every-day wisdom. Learn more at

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