#1 Question To Ask Yourself

Sep 01, 2022

You have a responsibility to advocate for your health.

You owe it to your body.

Symptoms are your body’s only means of speaking up.

What can you do to help your body in moments of dis-ease? To learn what needs to be learned? To hear what the body needs?

There is one simple question you can ask yourself that will change everything.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity.

One question that will turn the situation from being a victim of your body’s symptoms to being in control and taking action.

               What do I need to learn from this experience so it can resolve?

You see, every single experience in your life is bringing some sort of knowledge or wisdom.

If you don’t clue into what you’re supposed to learn, the universe has to amp up the message and it gets louder and usually more painful each time. No thank you!

This simple question breaks you out of all that and opens you to next steps.

Just by asking the question, you will shift energy blocks and allow these three amazing changes to happen:

1.  Say goodbye to suffering.  If you realize there is a purpose and learning opportunity in these trying moments, it helps you get your ground and feel you will not be blown away by the storm of current events.

2.  Sit in the driver’s seat. When you realize these experiences are here to help you, and that by listening you can speed the resolution, it’s a great motivator to put on your listening hat and take action so you can quickly get back to more ease! This puts you in a place of empowerment and you immediately leave behind feeling stuck and out of control.

3.  Guide you to long term growth. If you understand the lesson you are supposed to learn, you can work to minimize the likelihood of a repeat. And that means more ease going forward.

So, what are you waiting for?

Next time you feel confused, not sure how to get out of a painful situation, or feel stuck, ask this simple question. Then open to receive guidance in the way that is perfect for you. You’ll be doing your own energy healing.

Just a reminder, guidance can come through a conversation with a friend, a google search, a sudden inspiration, or any other way that works for you.


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