It's all my fault. 🙊

Mar 22, 2023

I was chatting with my client about how things had been going since her last session. She mentioned adrenal support and wanted me to check a supplement. “What supplement,” I asked? She shared the exact supplement I was led to take seven or so years ago. I immediately flashed back to a significant trauma.

Much as I would today, I then used muscle testing, my gut sense of feeling, and my intellect to make a decision to try this adrenal supplement. It looked good, had lovely adaptogenic herbs, and was made by a reputable brand. Indeed, I still respect products made by this brand. In short, I was led to give this a try for symptoms I was experiencing at the time, much like any other day. I routinely am led to make changes and add new supplements.

The problem happened later in the day, the exact day I took it. Folks, it made me crazy! I got super angry, I can’t even remember what caused the breakdown, and felt like a crazy lady. It traumatized me and my family! Later that evening, I had the immediate clarity it was the supplement. Indeed, I never took it again and that feeling never returned. I worked for years to shift the emotion around this (the impact it had on my family).

Whether it’s a food, therapy, or supplement, why are we sometimes led down a path that leads to symptom regression or worsening? If we trust our intuition, isn’t it all positive?

Hate to break it to you but, NO.

To understand why, let’s back up to why you are here, in this life, right now. Most of us are not here to have a cushy, no adversity, difficulty-free existence. Sure, you definitely deserve to feel good and should always strive to increase this. But spiritual growth doesn’t come when you are resting on your laurels. It comes when you are sweating your way out of a sticky situation. When you are digging deep and pushing yourself past a current limitation. In short, when pain gets triggered that makes you want to move in a different direction.

If you are super in-tune and willing to make changes the moment you feel something may be off, then sure, you can course correct quickly and the message doesn’t have to be as painful or loud. But it’s not always easy to know when a course correction is needed until things get loud. And in the case above with my supplement, I had no warning.

Your purpose here is to work through energy blocks holding you back so you can find freedom, learn and experience at the soul level. This is why some people call life “earth school.” In order to do this, you usually have to experience some difficulty. The stories your mind can generate aren’t true: It’s not your fault, it’s not because you didn’t hear the message, or because you weren’t smart enough. Rather, it is what it is…our soul’s journey, colorful and rich and sometimes painful. You also must remember you are not Divine or all-knowing and therefore cannot judge these painful moments as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ You don’t see the whole picture, you only see your perspective.

So the next time you feel you must’ve screwed up because things got worse, let your ego feast on this: if you were that powerful, you wouldn’t have chosen the painful path to begin with. It’s not your fault. But it is your choice how to proceed. The highest vibe option? With self-compassion and determination to live your true potential (in in doing so, heal energy blocks). Onward!

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