True or False? Intuition Guides Me To Ease

Aug 25, 2022

It's such a gift to have access to that gut feeling that tells us we're on the right track or that voice inside that says 'no, go a different direction today.' This voice is invaluable, and in fact, I’ve spent years honing this ability both for personal and professional reasons. It is the lifeblood of my healing work.

I’ve stepped into some potholes along the way that I want to share with you, so you can maybe avoid the bumps!

False belief #1: Your intuition always gives you the ‘right’ answer.

Your intuition, like anything else, moves through the filter of who you are. When you perceive it, it’s coming through your energy. Your subconscious beliefs affect the clarity and precision of your intuition. No matter how experienced you are!

So remember, if you really, really want to eat that chocolate bar, you’re likely going to test it’s strong for you, no matter how good your intuition is…even if it gives you a belly ache, makes your skin itchy, or keeps you up at night.

False belief #2: Your intuition will guide you to the easiest solution.

Your job, as you move through the day-to-day moments of your life, is to have experiences that allow your soul to grow and to make the world a better place. Sounds lofty, right?

Fact: If your intuition always led you to the ‘easy’ solution, you wouldn’t get much growth in.

It’s pushing your boundaries that typically expands your horizons and helps you achieve new heights. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we need to suffer. But discomfort cracks us out of our habits and conditioning and pushes us to consider a new way. A new path forward and upward.

So sometimes, our intuition guides us in a direction that results in failures, flops, dissolved relationships, wrecked cars, and more. Sometimes the old must be crumbled and released so the new can come in.

False belief #3: The goal is a pain free existence.

Yeah, I used to believe ‘success’ would be when I no longer feel bad, physically or emotionally. The major flaw in this belief? Anger, sadness, grief are normal human emotions! Your body, in fact, needs some of these emotions to function, albeit at way lower levels than you may feel if have a backlog of stored emotion.

It’s normal for unpleasant emotions to come up; it’s how you work with these emotions that matters. If you can just feel them, allow them to move, and carry on in the present moment, then you have truly arrived! You body will not store emotion and this energy won’t contribute to disease.

At the same time, you must remember you are here to live a physical life - and your conscious mind has wisdom and intelligence too! You must factor in both when making decisions: balancing intuitive information with your wisdom and intellect.

Use your conscious experiences as a sanity check and if your intuitive guidance seems like it might be leading you down a path with more difficulty, pay attention. You get to decide, with all the resources available to you, what is the best choice for you in this moment.

When we can balance these two sources of information, intuition and intellect, and know we are on a soul-guided path, we will allow more ease and flow in our lives. And who doesn't want more of that?! đź’–

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